... he says, in a choked voice while scrolling through Zillow

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That "feel like a million dollars" saying doesn't work as well in the Bay.

OK Google

How to make 2-year old stop singing and go the fk to sleep

Did y’all enjoy that 15 minutes of Bay Area rain?

Was going to use nothing but DALL-E images for an upcoming preso for shits and giggles. But the damn thing did such a good job with my prompts that it's more impressive than funny.

My toddler is trying to figure out the childproof doorknobs we just installed

I'm noticing a trend where a certain gaggle of assholes get REALLY riled up about mermaids. First Luca, now The Little Mermaid.

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The Ministry of Defense’s September 11 briefing map confirmed that Russian forces are withdrawing from settlements around Kharkiv City, from northern Kharkiv Oblast, and settlements on the western bank of the River. /1

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Thanks to the 100+ subscribers, Mudlet was now able to get an actually readable Youtube 📺 URL for our videos at youtube.com/MudletOfficial

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