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I really should automate updating BookStack. I did a manual installation and every time I have to remember a bunch of stuff I'll forget before next time.

Only killed the site twice this time and now it seeems to be working normally.

It gave me a bit of a scare when I'd connected it all up though - the grips didn't turn on and the engine didn't start! I thought I must have blown a fuse by wiring it wrong.

Today I went back to it with the Haynes manual troubleshooting guide. First step: is the kill switch on?

Of course it was. I'd also wired the grips to the wrong pins on the option connector, so they weren't even connected!

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The heated grips are finally installed on my motorbike! Installing the replacement throttle tube was tricky because I can't get to the other end of the throttle cables - that requires removing the tank. So instead I kinda just stretched/moved the cable with a screwdriver.

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Here we go - new case attached & second round of keycap samples installed!

These are looking great, it seems likely that there won't be (a need to do) another iteration 🤩


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I went to take out the rubbish and found a macbook air in the communal bin? Wut

in the spirit of constructive criticism, what i really want to see is a social media platform that:

- allows users to curate comments on their own posts
- allows creating, annotating, categorizing, sharing, and subscribing to block lists
- permits easy syndication both in and out
- has a clear, human-readable and machine-readable data export mechanism
- has clearly stated moderation ideals and a clear strategy for scaling moderation
- has a legal status that prevents it from taking venture investment or going public, and/or is owned by its operators
- is open source and self-hostable

if it's not all of those things at launch that's fine but it should at least be somewhere on the roadmap and shouldn't be clearly financially impossible based on your business model

A week in the shop: a mix of pushing towards my deadline for Liverpool Makefest, and re-evaluating some of my assumed truths about guitar building.

Calling upon all #SLA / #resin 3D printer experts here on the #Fediverse.

I’m not new to 3D printing with #FDM 3D printers, but would like to get started with resin 3D prints.

Recommendations for a good budget printer / set with washer?

Also how toxic is the resin?

#3DPrinter #ResinPrinter #3DModel #3DPrinters #Resin

Installing the grips requires shaving off the nubs on the throttle tube that the throttle grip was moulded around. To avoid chopping away at the original one, I bought a new throttle grip as a spare part and immediately chopped off all the extra bits.

Now it fits but I need to take the original grip off and figure out where to glue the heated grip in place.

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Then it's time for the heated grips. The CB500F is nice enough to have an ignition switched connection with enough current for grips.

The problem is that it's a weird Sumitomo connector (with an expensive crimp tool, of course). I bought a housing and crimps, and I'm going to attempt to crimp them with generic crimp tools from work.

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Next up - coolant. I have no idea what coolant is in there or what the level is. The reservoir is in an area you can't reach to clean it, so it's caked in dirt so I can't see the level.

I'm going to clean the bike, do a full flush with water and then put in some fresh coolant.

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So I click+collected the right tool for the job, and on Sunday went to pick it up. While I was there I figured I might as well get some coolant and other stuff, and also bought a MASSIVE screwdriver (seriously, it's got a 400mm long blade that's maybe 8mm diameter) as a backup plan for the filter.

Turned out I didn't need the screwdriver - if you have the right tool it's actually possible to remove a filter. After that it all went smoothly!

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It took me most of the weekend to change the oil on my motorbike. On Saturday I drained the oil and found the filter was stuck. Typical.

I didn't actually have the right tool for the job so I tried two tricks you see online - the belt trick and stabbing it with a screwdriver. Result: Stretched belt, bent screwdriver, filter still attached.

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These pressure sensors are a lot smaller than I expected for a DIP package! They're very smol and cute

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When you have to fill up your Farnell order to make it worth it

So what are good community-supported CAD tools suitable for doing modeling of mechanical components for #3dprinting?

I use OpenSCAD now, but it’s fussy for many things (good luck chamfering anything complex). I’m aware of FreeCAD, but hoping for other options to explore.

Needed to make the minimum order and ended up buying 500m of wire. Typical.

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Electro-sax update: I said "screw it" to designing a new breath sensor and just bought an off-the-shelf pressure sensor. It'll be a lot more reliable than my dodgy homemade one. I just need to orient it to keep most of the breath moisture out.

I've also been playing with the Raspberry Pi Pico, and ordered some RP2040s and supporting components to make my own board.

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