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because I have so many new users coming #mastodonTips #mastodon


1) in addition to a bio, consider also making an #introduction / #introduction post also check this tag to find people who are also new and their interests

2) is a wonderful place to find people who are active. it is human moderated. if you decide to stick around and have the bandwidth to do so, consider joining a list to welcome others as well.


I hooked up the prototype electro-sax buttons to an Arduino and had it send some MIDI to my computer. The buttons feel really nice! (see previous toot in thread for photo)

With only 5 keys it's hard to tell how it really feels to play but initial indications are good. I think it's worth printing a whole set.

I'm still putting off the challenge of redesigning the breath sensor. That one will be tricky.

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Okay, I need some maker help on this one.

This is a spring for a guitar tremolo. It snapped the other day due to corrosion. This part is required in order to string the guitar.

Unfortunately, this part is no longer manufactured and there are a scant 3 or 4 available in the WORLD, one of which I am probably going to buy soon.

However, it would be excellent to have a backup. I would love to hear about ways I could repair this or if someone out there is willing to do the repair, I'd be grateful (and will happily pay repair and shipping costs).

I don't even require that the spring be "springy", just that it be whole and solid.


I've been on here quite a while and never posted an - so here it is:

I'm a designer of physical products, and I like to post about various projects I'm working on - lots of them with physical user interfaces, human-computer interfaces, that kind of thing. Some and .

Occasionally I post about photography or motorcycles or cycling too. And there are the usual random thoughts about stuff and boosts of things I find amusing.

I had a little ride out to Wisley Common, a lovely bit of heathland outside of London. It was a nice day for it!

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Bought myself the little babby lens I've wanted for ages! I've been using an old manual focus 24mm lens, but I've finally arrived in the 2010s with the Canon pancake 24mm. The manual focus-by-wire feels very odd but it's cool!

This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

i am astounded

i did make some mistakes but already identified and should be easy to fix with a few bodge wires

this project was me wondering if being clever with the wiring could enable the creation of a keyboard out of 4 identical tiled copies of a small pcb

and i am startled to say i just proved the answer is yes. using a pcb that i designed, first ever. and using embedded rust which i had never attempted before this project!

still more to go but i can see the finish line from here

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Wow, buyers are speedy at the moment! I posted my motorbike on Gumtree and Autotrader on Friday, had a viewing Sunday afternoon and the dude bought it on Sunday evening. I hope he enjoys it.

Glad that's over with, now I only have one bike to worry about.

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My colleague is going to be DMing a D&D campaign for some of us! This'll be my first experience of playing D&D!

So far the plan is a half-orc monk who was raised in a monastery where his Orcish rage didn't mesh well with monkish discipline. Upon reaching adulthood the monks are cast out to return when they are judged to have a lifetime of experiences. For that reason all his teachers would have been very unrelatable old men.

He's probably very glad to be out of there, and very sheltered from the world!

Out with the old, in with the new! Time to get my YBR125 ready to sell - I only have 14 days to do so and get the proof of no claims bonus to my new insurer.

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Does anyone have a nice way to store heatshrink? Mine is kind of bundled up in the pack it came in, but that's disintegrating.

Yesterday I had a look at another Honda CB500F and put a deposit down! This one's a 2015 in very nice condition (except for a bit of surface rust on the rear shock).

Hopefully I'll be picking it up on Wednesday!

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Went to view a Honda CB500 today and it had already sold since I called yeterday :(

But I had a look at their second one, and while I didn't buy it because it was £1000 more, it confirmed that the CB500 is definitely a good fit for me. I might also be trying out a CB300 tomorrow (if I get a response from the dealership).

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Still haven't soldered any diodes, but I glued some switches to a cardboard box! They feel pretty similar to my alto sax, although the springs on this are slightly lighter. This is less "clunky" too - when you press a key on the real sax you hear it close an opening. So that's not really something I can replicate.

So far this feels pretty close to a real sax - hopefully that's still true when wired up!

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Electro-sax button PCBs have arrived! I snapped off a couple and they fit, but I won't be able to add the diodes and connect them up until tomorrow.

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reading an article "the computer built to last 50 years", but it occurs to me that that computer already exists, and has done for 40 years already (in at least 5 different forms). the Kyocera portables (Tandy 100, Olivetti M10, etc) have no proprietary parts, run on AA batteries (with a month's standby at a time), aren't stuck with proprietary storage solutions (i think even back when, most people just used the serial port to send everything to their CP/M boxes or PCs) and are eminently maintainable... just like a typewriter, in fact.

building a 50-year computer now, though...? i wouldn't even know where to start. i guess you could build something around a microcontroller and e-ink - but isn't 50 years pushing at (or maybe right through) the edges of Flash retention? and who knows how long an e-ink display will last?

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