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The OLED worked immediately once I copied some config stuff from another ZMK keyboard. Generally after a minimal bit of figuring stuff out, ZMK has just worked.

The case design is still in progress, but the plate is relatively complete so I printed a couple and installed them. This is where I found that my printer was scaling things up by 0.75%.

It's actually usable now - I used it all day today!

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Haven't posted any progress on my Schism here recently, so here we go:

I've populated both sides of the keyboard now (right side still has no microcontroller yet, just using it as an extension of the left side's matrix).

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Found out last night that someone (presumably past me) had set my 3D printer's steps/mm to 80.6 instead of 80 for the X and Y axes. So everything I've printed since [whenever that was] has been 0.75% too big! The only time that's actually caused a problem was when trying to line up my new keyboard plate with the PCB.

Damn you and your meddling ways, past me!

Managed to compile Adafruit's bootloader ( and the keyboard actually shows up in dmesg, as a USB drive and the LED pulses!

Next I need to add the board to Zephyr.

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Looks like we've got a little keyboard club at work now! I went in and hung out with 3 people who were assembling their keyboards, while I struggled to flash the bootloader on my Holyiot module. Eventually successful though after downgrading my laptop's Arch install to packages from June to get around a gdb bug!

Once again my #coop is hiring:

We do open data stuff for public good. This role in particular is focussed on beneficial ownership data analysis and standards development, but internally there's a lot of flexibility about what you work on and we have a variety of ongoing projects. It's particularly fun to do transparency and anti-corruption stuff though.

We have flat pay, are all remote, mostly UK-based, mostly part time, extremely flexi, and always looking for new ways to improve our wellbeing.

There's a birdsite thread with more info here: (which I might recreate on here later).

#coopjobs #cooplife

I put the power/battery stuff on one Schism PCB and the voltage regulator was getting hot. I wonder why...

... oh that'd do it (schematic symbol has different pin order to actual part because I copied without checking)

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My Schism keyboard PCBs have arrived! Unfortunately I have a busy weekend so probably won't be able to assemble one for a few days :(

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I think I've settled on how to mount the Schism plate. I've added nubs around the perimeter of the plate with a notch on either side, and then you hook O-rings into those notches. That lets me tweak material and thickness of the gasket by getting different O-rings.

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I'm getting somewhat used to the way of doing things, switching between workbenches as appropriate (e.g. designing features in PartDesign, making arrays in Draft and doing boolean operations in Part.

I think it could be nice to have some of these features duplicated in other workbenches (e.g. PartDesign could do with having Draft's array tools). I'm sure there's some reason they're not, though.

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Started designing the plate for the Schism keyboard. It's probably not necessary but I'm planning to gasket mount this, and generally do stuff to make the keyboard sound nice!

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Updates on my Älgen guitar design: getting some actual wood, experiments in dying 3D prints, and designing some hopefully correctly complicated jigs:

If I've checked the "in stock" filter, why show me items like this, Farnell?

I think it's ready! I changed the connector over to an edge mounted one (which may or may not be very resilient to stress). Also took the chance to move the mounting hole close to the USB port, to hopefully strengthen that corner of the PCB.

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It's not quite back to the drawing board - I'm pretty sure I can do my original plan which was to have the connector straddling the edge of the board. That way the connector orientation *does* flip with the board, so the pins do get swapped!

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Good thing I checked the connector - it doesn't work out quite how I thought in my head! I thought flipping one PCB over and putting the header on the bottom instead of the top would connect pin 1 to pin 2 and vice versa.

But this paper mockup shows that pin 1 is gonna connect to pin 1, because both the PCB and the connector have been flipped so they cancel out.

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