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The Ploopy Nano BTU mod is about as curved as I can manage to make it right now. I think this will do for a first version!

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BTU mod for the Ploopy Nano is coming along! It's definitely a lot less pretty than the original version with its nice curves. Maybe that's something I can improve on, but I was really struggling with complex surfacing.

Having linux on one screen and windows on the other just feels a bit *wrong*

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I gave up on my no-longer-updating Windows 10 install and decided to try out Rhino 6 in a VM instead. Looks like it works ok! Raytraced view was iffy, but I never use that anyway.

Now I can finally use Rhino without needing to reboot!

The difference in colour between the different keys is because they're sunbleached and one end has been closer to the window. They got all mixed up and rotated during the printing.

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Another row and end of the keyboard legends is done, and generated today's made up word of the day: WIRPYQUOTE.

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I was gonna do blue bits for my "symbols" layer, but it looks like that doesn't stick well to the transfer paper :(

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These legends work really nicely! The slight "grain" from the rough surface adds a nice texture.

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I tried out toner transfer for adding legends to blank keycaps. Looks like it works ok! I don't know how durable it would be and obviously it's only helpful for light coloured keycaps but I think it's worth trying out for a full set!

These magnetic keyboard switches are pretty neat!

The fact that you can tune the force needed by changing the distance between magnets makes me wonder if I should try the same on my electro-sax keys...

Errr it created 5 containers, 3 of which immediately exited with an exec format error. I'm guessing that means it won't work on ARM without some tweaking

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Trying out self-hosting Penpot ( on my Pi. This is my first foray into Docker, and even installing it on the Pi has been kind of a shitshow. Doesn't bode well for actually using it.

I thought the #flipper Zero was going to be a gimmick but they've been sending incredibly technical and fascinating blog posts/emails about everything from the manufacturing process to infrared protocol decompilation. Shoutout to that team for making a hands-on RF education system (and also hacking tool)

minor injury 

Just cut through my thumbnail (and some flesh) while chopping some chicken. A brief distraction and now I'm going to be typing awkwardly for a few weeks >:(

At least it shows my knife is nice and sharp though!

It annoys me how when someone cancels a recurring event in Outlook it also deletes all past occurrences. There are a few other things like that too. It's just kinda like "fuck the past, you don't need to remember when you did that"

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