electronics youtube, complaining 

@mintey ooh I just remembered Mitxela too!

@aparrish What a silly bean! Are you a Robin Hobb fan by any chance?

electronics youtube, complaining 

@mintey Also maybe Cathode Ray Dude? I'm not sure what vibe I get from him yet.

electronics youtube, complaining 

@mintey looking through my subscriptions:
- Atkelar? He does restoration videos so it's mostly old electronics. You may or may not like that he presents the videos as his fursona
- ElectroBoom - you probably already know of him
- Applied Science does cool stuff with occasional electronics, usually not the focus
- Simone Giertz usually doesn't do electronics but I like her vibe :)

Sorry I wish I could recommend more women :/

Just saw a woman with a DKNY bag and my brain just went

You ain't got no alibi
You donkey

I have made a weird musical instrument. It is some kind of electronic just intonation kalimba I guess? With stars?

@vfrmedia I like that they're smooth - no vibration coming through the frame (except from bumps in the road of course). I've only had one puncture but there are a lot of marks where things have attempted it and failed!

@vfrmedia Have you tried Gatorskins? They're what I have at the moment but I'd be interested to see what you think

i made a keyboard that looks like two slices of toast with eggs on them

eggy toast breadboard

Some PCB rework. A couple of boards need this fix so I thought I'd practice.

This is a pair swap on a LPDDR3 footprint.
The BGA pads are ~0.35mm.
The wire used here is ~75um.

Dig out soldermask, and cut old connections. Wire in swapped pins, and fill with UV soldermask.

@RileyStarlight oh another thing I didn't realise - resin separates if left over time, that's why they recommend you shake the bottle before pouring it out.

It will do the same in the printer's vat if left for more than a few days, so give the vat a mix with a silicone spatula if you leave it for a while.

@RileyStarlight It's a lot more messy than you probably expect! Make sure you have a dedicated workspace, ideally something that can contain spills (e.g. a few large disposable roasting tins)

My top three:

LBIM: Se llama el fediverso - Had to vote for this one, it's just so fun!
RAIL: Rise - Awesome moody vibe, nicely structured, great vocals!
FUNK: Make It Happen - I love the old-school vibe of this and the catchy tune! Could have done with louder vocals though.

@eqe @mntmn Yeah is that because AVR chips are hard to find right now?

@chartier @danvpeterson I would argue that it's meatballs if the three dots are horizontal like an ellipsis, kebab/kabob if they're arranged vertically!

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