This is roughly what I'm thinking for (half of) the layout. It's a little weird-looking but I quite like it.

I think I can manage to make it so that you flip the left side PCB over to make the right half. If I can get my head around it, that is.

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I've been thinking about making a new keyboard that's somewhere in between my first split ergo keyboard and my grid60. So a split (but not separated) ergonomic keyboard with staggered columns.

Basically like an Atreus, but with a few more thumb-specific buttons and 60 keys total.

In terms of the construction I'm thinking of doing more fancy stuff with the sound - so actually have a plate for this one. Foam between plate and PCB, and silicone below. Maybe a gasket-mounted plate?

@ephemeral Oh I saw that, just didn't make the connection because I wasn't aware of a "3.5" and thought it must be something else!

@ephemeral Yeah same - I've bought a couple of STM32s over the years but never used them beyond flashing an LED.

Now I'm trying out an nRF52840 (I think that's the right number) because it's got built in Bluetooth, which is handy for keyboards.

@ephemeral More like a beefed up Arduino - it's got more power and peripherals than the Uno (probably less than some of the new ones though)

The full keyboard is getting there though! Some of the caps are a little loose so I had to put some tape underneath. It makes the fit of the stem a little tighter (hopefully without breaking the stem)

It's very tedious with only two moulds, and I'm out of silicone to make more. This is definitely making me want to get a resin 3D printer to make some custom shaped ones.

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Well that's a dead mould, and the last keycap didn't survive either :(

The silicone gets brittle over time. Depending on the mould, people say you can get anywhere between 10 and 120 casts from it (for something with features this small it'll be on the low end). It looks like this one only managed somewhere around 16 :(

Basically, casting an entire keyboard worth of caps is a bad idea. But I'm doing it anyway!

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@lopeztel could you have a git hook that unzips the Word file, allowing you to diff the XML contents? I'm guessing Word's autogenerated XML is too messy, but it might be worth trying?

Even for Windows this is a new low. Why does the calculator app break and need an update? It's a calculator‽

(Sorry about the dodgy photo of a screen, it's my work PC)

@lopeztel Yeah, and the community seem happy to help with stuff!

@lopeztel Cool, I'm interested in seeing how that goes - I ordered an e73 module to build my own board, but the whole Zephyr bit is kinda intimidating!

@lopeztel Are you gonna put ZMK on it? Or that fork of QMK that supports the nRFwhatever?

Huh, looks like my motorbike insurance quotes have come down from almost £600 for third party, fire and theft, to £300 for full comprehensive. wut.

Is this the power of getting old?

This ad goes way too hard for just a kebab shop, I kinda love it

(Also, they printed the proof copy)

@nuala hehehe my partner keeps trying to eat them too. Maybe I should get some brown resin and make a chocolate bar keyboard?

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