Here's a few generations of the hybrid switch design. The latest design adds a slope, so that the capacitive sensing copper tape is parallel to the tape you touch, when the switch is closed. I haven't tested it yet, but it should make it more sensitive.

These new thinner silicone o-rings are much better for the return spring. It's enough to pull the button back up, but provides a lot less resistance to pushing the button down.

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I'm updating the Ploopy BTU mod for the new design with a larger ball, and Rhino has decided to cause me pain.

This little pink circle means there's an extremely tiny edge in the model that's only connected to one surface. I've tried rebuilding all the surfaces except the complicated one which makes up the whole top of the trackball. Obviously I'm trying to avoid that, but the naked edge is still there after rebuilding them.

@fortifieduniverse Yeah that's definitely an option - it's just that pacman/AUR makes it easy to keep updated (when stuff isn't failing at least).

Don't think I was using any features of 0.20 anyway so 0.19 will be fine for now

@fortifieduniverse The appimage version just gives me a window with a title bar and black content, and the compilation of the other version fails at... some point. I don't remember exactly when.

I'm having problems with both freecad-git and freecad-appimage-git from the AUR, so I've reverted to the version in Arch's repos. Unfortunately that means going back to v0.19, but it does seem to open my 0.20 files!

Undercoven: a film about witches who are secret agents

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Nunexploded Ordnance: A film about a nun who becomes a bomb disposal expert

The shoulder pain from my first dose of the vaccine is subsiding now after the second day. It was never bad enough to stop me doing stuff, so that's nice! This first dose has felt pretty much like any flu jab I've had.

To keep my arm moving we did some desk shuffling! My partner had a huge new (second hand) desk so I got the old one. Lots of (bad) cable management!

@signaleleven I was kinda like that when I first started using it! Even though I'm familiar with using CAD, something about FreeCAD still feels kind of alien. It's mostly just a matter of practice.

@fortifieduniverse I'm not using one at all yet, so thanks for the recommendation!

I'm getting the hang of FreeCAD's Link functionality - here's the finger buttons mount with the new hybrid buttons linked in. It's not yet set up as a proper assembly with mates - they're just positioned by coordinates.

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A name for a cute vacuum cleaner brand: vacUwUm

@PeterSanchez I just copied the S1100 driver file to the filename it was expecting for the S1100i and that worked. Apparently they're the same in terms of drivers.

Got myself a mini scanner for sketches, a Fujitsu S1100i. It's pretty neat! Works on linux after downloading a SANE driver for the S1100 and renaming it. It'll take a while to figure out the best settings for sketches, though.

@bob The preview for this says "not available" from here but it works fine once clicked

Emulator handhelds and gaming handhelds in general thoughts 2/3 

@kelbot Are they branded on the actual label? The replacement one I got seems to have no name on it. I've been keeping both in a tub outside where they can't set anything on fire, until I can safely dispose of them.

Looks like the original Sony one has got a lot worse! It's ready to pop!

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