I'm heading on holiday soon, and realised that I have one plant which won't happily survive the duration without watering - a chilli plant that needs almost daily watering.

I tried setting up a peristaltic pump I had laying around (as you do) but with the volume it could push, it would have to run for 8 hours a day, and I just don't trust it that much.

So instead I set up a siphon feed from a measuring jug into the pot using a silicone tube with a paper towel stuffed in the end.

Currently it's a little fast (will work out to ~300ml per day). I *think* I can lower the container it's siphoning out of to reduce the flow rate. Is that how siphons work?


I lowered the container with the siphon and it's still watering the plant too fast. I think my best bet is to ask my colleague who lives round the corner to look after it!

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