Anyone in the UK who's interested in an original Microsoft Surface RT? Obviously very outdated for web browsing now but it's still snappy and a cool little device.

Happy to give it away for the cost of shipping if you want it.

@gbrnt Do you know if one can install Linux on a Surface RT?
I'll have a poke about to see if you can, and if yes, I'd love one - I'm sure it'd run linuxy things fairly quickly still.

@s It's not in the best shape - chipped paint and the charger is one of those annoying ones that's slightly broken so you have to hold the wire at the right angle. You'd probably want a new charger. But it has the fancy type cover instead of the touch cover (which was really horrible to type on!)

Let me know if you still want it and we can sort out shipping!

@s Technically yes, but last I checked it was missing drivers for a few things - can't remember what but I'll let you know!

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