Today in technology sucks, my washing machine not only refused to start, but the door is jammed. My clothes are stuck inside, even after unplugging the machine. I tried various things, including using a credit card to unlock the door, but it broke. Haha.

I'm now about to try another technique involving a nylon string. Or maybe I'll run into the woods, never to be seen again.


@ice We had this repeatedly at our old place! Ended up using a flexible butter knife to poke the latch. I got quite good at it.

Out of curiosity, after unplugging it and leaving it for a while, did you try plugging it back in and leaving it for a while again? *sometimes* that works to get it to unlock.

@gbrnt It has finally unlocked on its own! But it locks itself again every time I try to launch any program, with the same dreaded error I already encountered several times in the past. I'll guess need once again to unscrew everything and randomly clean every part I can reach until it starts to work again.

At least I can now run into the woods with (dirty) clothes.

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