Every now and then I think about small spectrometers (my university final year project was one). Today I'm thinking about ways to have a battery-powered spectrometer communicate with a smart device.

The way I did it in the project was to host a web server on the spectrometer and have it act as a WiFi hotspot. This seems massively overcomplicated and gave me an intense dislike of creating webapps.

@gbrnt this is very similar to my thesis project, it was an ESP8266 calculating spectrum of current consumption, presumably to do some analysis and heuristics with it (that was out of scope for the project). The coolest thing was a rolling spectrogram drawn on a html5 canvas on the web page

@piggo Nice, that really is similar! Just a different thing being sampled. I did get this UI working in the year after I finished the project (the original one wasn't this pretty)

@piggo Oh and I got these parameters to be editable. It's actually super cool, I just hated developing both server+client side. Maybe for that reason I should just make it an all-in-one device and focus on optimising the physical UI.

@gbrnt yeah that is my general experience with web UIs, the freertos part is already complicated enough, AND THEN there is a whole webpack/rollup nonsense ON TOP

@piggo Yeah, exactly! Mine had a raspberry pi inside, so another whole load of complexity (plus keeping it updated and dealing with certs and stuff). Just yeah, a big stack of nonsense.

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