Registered for the library and picked some blackberries on the way back from getting my second jab. I guess that makes it the most productive weekend in a while!

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@gbrnt Don't plan anything physical tomorrow.

You might be fine, but most people I know irl who got the second jab were knocked on their ass the second day. I slept a full 24 hours with an intense fever waking up only long enough to grab something to eat and drink. That much probably won't happen to you, but your immune system is probably going to be in overdrive that day battling the protiens your body is producing. Lesser versions of the same thing happened to a lot of people.

@sj_zero Yeah I'm really hoping I only get a minor reponse, because my partner has booked a trip to see an owl sanctuary! We'll see how that goes I guess - can always bring someone else instead!

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