BTU mod for the Ploopy Nano is coming along! It's definitely a lot less pretty than the original version with its nice curves. Maybe that's something I can improve on, but I was really struggling with complex surfacing.

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The Ploopy Nano BTU mod is about as curved as I can manage to make it right now. I think this will do for a first version!

Printed the Ploopy Nano BTU mod I designed. Now I just need to wait for the BTUs to go in it. I don't actually have the PCB or a 38mm ball that fits it, but I need to do as much mechanical checking as I can.

The Ploopy Nano BTU mod seems to fit alright! This ball is a little too large for it, but it gets the idea across.

If you have a Ploopy Nano and would like to try the mod, there's more info available at

@fortifieduniverse This is a modified top for the Ploopy Nano trackball ( which replaces the roller bearings with ball transfer units. That means lower and more consistent friction when moving the ball.

@gbrnt Ahh! Interesting... I didn't search for it, but I just kept thinking it was a trackball... because it looks like a trackball. 😜

@fortifieduniverse Yeah it's a tiny buttonless one to use with mouse button keys on your keyboard. I don't have one but it's pretty neat

@gbrnt Yeah, it looks pretty neat! I've never been a trackball person, but something small like that makes me want to give one a try.

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