I like the idea of making a DIY midi saxophone. Just a very basic one to make some noise

I'm guessing the hard part is measuring the breath. You could measure pressure, but if you're simulating a real sax it would have air passing straight through. I'm not sure the pressure would change much?

I added a basic breath sensor to the pastry saxophone. It kinda works! The response of the breath sensor is quite slow - I think I need to use something stretchier than a nitrile glove. It doesn't feel sensitive enough to do staccato notes or anything yet.

I didn't get dynamics working with the USB MIDI yet, but on/off breath control works well

The breath sensor works like this guy's video: youtube.com/watch?v=es92GqYBge

The black tape all over it is to block out light - I found it was making a big difference to the readings.

Some quick sketches for a 3D-printed version of the mouthpiece. I can sandwich a membrane between two halves and make the whole thing a lot smaller.

The volume of air inside is smaller, and I'm hoping that means that the response to changes in pressure will be faster, enabling me to do quick staccato stuff.

Here's a first draft of the mouthpiece half - this should work ok. The other half with the sensor should be quite simple and can wait until tomorrow.

@gbrnt wait, is that #FreeCAD? The default blue background is a telltale.

@normandc Yeah it is! I did change the default background but for whatever reason it wasn't working for me, so I changed it back.

@gbrnt @normandc Interesting project! I wish I could sketch as nice as you do. I've to power on #freecad much earlier :blobpats:

The 14 year old version of the CAD software we used up to last October had a light blue background by default. The newer version has an almost white one. I've gotten used to it, and switched FreeCAD to a similar background. I dislike dark themes and backgrounds.

- Tooted on Mastodon's default dark UI 😉

@normandc On my work Solidworks I go for a mid grey background, and a macro that toggles it to white for taking screenshots. Mid grey didn't work so well in FreeCAD because it's too close to the default part colour!

I changed the default part colour in FreeCAD to random! 😀

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