Looks like my server Pi's USB-SATA adapter has died :/ now I have to go through finding one that's compatible with the Pi again, since the listing I got it from has gone.

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Turns out I had a USB 2.5" drive enclosure, so my website is back up running on that for now.

@selea That's pretty cool! A bit excessive for my use-case though, since I only have one 60GB SSD attached.

@gbrnt is there really compatibility issues? I thought those just acted as a MSD

@cinebox I think it's mostly that there's one common chip that's not compatible (at least for booting - maybe it works for storage). I went on Amazon (which I usually avoid) and found one that had reviews that said it worked with their Pi.

@gbrnt oh right, I forgot the pi can boot off USB now, makes sense that would have compatibility issues

@grindhold Given that it's working with USB and SATA standards, "fun" may be a stretch ;)

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