I tried some casting! These keycaps haven't turned out perfect - the corners didn't have enough resin, not sure why. But once they're fully cured in a week they'll be cool to try out!

The moulds I've made have turned out really well but I have a long way to go with the casting. I think it would help to change to an epoxy with a mix ratio closer to 1:1, so there's not a really tiny amount of hardener to measure out.

The keycaps should be fully cured now! They feel a little tacky when you put them against a hard surface - not sure if that's just what polyester is like.

The bottom corners weren't quite filled but the caps feel nice! Weirdly they had the texture from the original when I demoulded at 2 days, but lost it during the rest of the cure.

The long cure time and the lingering styrene smell are making me want to switch to epoxy/urethane before I do any more casting.

@gbrnt how accurate was it in regards to any kinda wobbling on the stem / too snug fit?


@mintey It seemed pretty much the same as the original keys, maybe a tiny bit looser but not wobbly

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