Kitchen timers have always annoyed me - there's always something about them that doesn't feel quite right. I'm working on an improved one that works how I'd like it to.

The plan is to get a first prototype working and start testing it, then make a blog post. The problem with that is that I don't have a blog right now! I think there's going to be a lot of yak shaving in this project...

I'll try and summarise my problems with most kitchen timers in one post:

- Hour+minute often isn't granular enough
- Can't decrease count without going up and wrapping round
- Changing values is too slow - press+hold or mash the buttons

- Alarms are annoying when you've noticed them but can't get to them immediately!

- Timer always seems to be too far away, don't like having it on the counter

- Depends on the timer, but often there are cracks that can collect gunk.

This was the trigger I needed to finally make my own site. I succeeded where I've previously failed by setting a deadline of getting it done this year. Well I did!

Here's the blog post about the kitchen timer on my new site:

Bear in mind that this is just a minimum viable product, and I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible!

@LittleJoeMuc Thanks for the suggestion! I have a Pi web server running so I'm hoping to stick a simple static site on there. If setting it up is slowing the project down too much then I might post it there instead.

@gbrnt I hear you! I had an idea on the backburner to create a better interface for timers in Home Assistant (I have a tablet in the kitchen displaying home assistant, so it's the natural option for me - but a standalone device is also good!)

@signaleleven A kitchen tablet is a nice idea, I've considered it! I do like having single-purpose devices for some things like timers and calculators, though.

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