Hmm, the TS100 can't pump enough heat into the joints between the two PCBs (at least for the ground plane connections). Gonna have to bring out my old, less fancy but higher thermal mass iron.

I did a quick comparison of the sound of a few different models - the Microsoft Trackball Explorer, Elecom Huge, Ploopy and a quick test part

The Microsoft and Elecom ones have very low "stiction" at low speeds which is really nice. The Ploopy is great at high speeds but slightly frictiony at low speeds depending on direction. Hoping I can mod the design to fit silicon nitride bearings into it!

I designed some quick bearing mounts for the Ploopy trackball today - instead of roller bearings I wanted to use silicon nitride ball bearings. They don't rotate, they're just a low friction surface.

Rather than re-printing the entire massive top part of the trackball, I chose to just make them small "adapter" inserts that you can put into the bearing holders in the existing part.

Just curious, what CAD software are you using? Is that Rhino or Moment of Inspiration?

Trying to guess a CAD program from screenshots is a game of mine. 😄

I tried MoI back when I was still on Windows. Very nice little program, not as complete as Rhino, and cheap.

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