I finally finished painting my 3D printed Dodogama and Baby Yoda! Really pleased with the shading on the coat, but not so happy with the orange-blue transition on Dodogama.

Both are matte varnished, but I put some gloss varnish on baby Yoda's eyes to give them a nice bit of texture contrast.

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@gbrnt They look really cool!
I wish I had the same amount of precision that you have with a brush.

How long did it take you to paint those figures?
Did you use a picture to get this awesome shading done or did you free-style the shading?

@Ghosty Thanks! :) For the Dodogama I was looking at pictures to get the colours and positions right. For the baby Yoda I did for the colours, but for the shading I was mostly looking at the shape and darkening parts that wouldn't be lit up so much (under overhangs and folds)

@Ghosty I've had Dodogama around for about 4 months, just painting a little bit every now and then. The baby yoda took about 2-3 evenings. For that I used "shade" paints that sit darkly in cracks and things, which made it easy to darken the wrinkles.

@gbrnt That's a cool hobby! You absolutely nailed the shading!
I remember my self in arts class ~5 years ago in high-school where I had to draw stuff and make it look 3d using shades. That was the time i noticed that I'm bad at thinking in 3D :D.

@Ghosty I was thinking as I replied about how much harder it is to do on a flat surface. When you're painting a 3D object you can look at the shape and see what would block the light. On paper/canvas you have to do that in your head!

After this I really respect how artists can think about this *without* the cues from the actual 3D shape, especially when painting fabrics.

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