Just got Nextcloud installed on my NAS - about time! I struggled with getting it to see the MariaDB database without enabling TCP/IP on the database, but in the end gave up, enabled it and it worked right away.

I guess I'll just have to figure out firewall stuff if I ever enable remote access to the NAS.

@piggo Nextcloud was just saying "connection refused" when I tried until I checked the box in the MariaDB config to enable TCP/IP connections. It also didn't work with localhost.

I'm not sure how easy this is to change now that I've set it up - I did this on a Synology so the built-in apps have done a lot of the config for me, which means I have no idea where the config even is!

@gbrnt oh if its running in some crappy container system it will mess up the IPs

@piggo It's not explicitly running in a container. Nextcloud definitely isn't but not sure about the database. It worked after I checked this box (unchecked by default)

@gbrnt I'm guessing but it can also be access rights to the socket, e.,g i couldn't get airsonic to read my library until I edited the .service file to give it read rights on the path (and then it needed write rights for cover file saving, so now it has rw lol)

@piggo That could well be it. I don't know enough about permissions to mess with them much. At least it's installed and working now though!

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