I ordered some prescription sunglasses that I hoped would arrive in time for my trip to Tenerife, but I'm leaving tomorrow and still no sign of them.

Oh well, might get a chance to use them in summer.

@gbrnt the temperature you'll have in Tenerife in February can only be achieved in Stockholm during a 2-week window in July. And Sweden in summer is gorgeous. But the winter...

I was not prepared for how hot 22 degrees would feel! Coming from ~5 this is lovely

And that is exactly the temperature I was expecting. I'll continue being jealous from a 3°C Stockholm. 😩

Here's the same view of the mountains today. We had a sandstorm all day and couldn't go outside. Good thing we weren't flying in today!

@gbrnt How much did you pay for sunglasses with prescriptions? I just looked it up myself and it's rather expensive. :(

@hund About £80-90 I think from glasses direct (not sure if they're UK only) - cheap £20 frames with some expensive lenses.

@gbrnt That's a lot less than my £885 sunglasses. :P Do you have some light visual impairment or why is it so cheap?

@hund Holy shit, is that a designer brand or something? My prescription is about -3 in both eyes with some astigmatism correction in one eye, so it's not insignificant!

@gbrnt The frame is about £13-14, the rest is the glass.

Regular white glass costs about £350-450. You get good quality then though. :)

@hund Wow, that's a lot! Is there not much competition between glasses manufacturers there?

@gbrnt It is. You have several cheap options online, but they quality is very poor. I tried something for maybe like £200 (frame and glass) and the glass was thick as soda bottles. It was horrible. :)

@hund Oh wow, our online ones seem very good (first time I've used them, but my dad and girlfriend really like glasses direct). Would you be able to use a UK site and just pay extra for delivery? This one sends you up to 4 frames for free so you can try them on and make sure they fit (with plastic lenses)

@gbrnt I'm not taking any chances anymore. I'm pretty much blind without my glasses. I can't see anything beyond 20 centimeters without them, I'm sensitive to light and I have poor night vision. :)

@hund Fair enough, your vision isn't something to mess around with

@hund Are regular glasses that expensive in Sweden? The most expensive ones my mum has had were varifocal, with thinned lenses, light-reactive and a designer frame, and still only £450.

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