I'm riding my motorbike over to the other side of London this weekend, and I'll have a bit more stuff than I'm comfortable carrying in a backpack. I have a big waterproof bag that's designed to go on a bike, but my seat is too small to fit both of its velcro mounts.

So I'm designing some little plastic adapters to attach the other mount on the metal rack at the back of the bike.

I've done an initial design of the bag mounts with a channel for the strap of the velcro section. Hopefully it'll work, because I only have one more evening to get this working.

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Just about managed to get both sides designed and printed in one evening (had to stay up late, though)! Better hope it fits tomorrow, because I don't have much time for a redesign!

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@omnipotens Thanks, I gave them a test fit and it looks like the angle is a little off but they'll work. Just need to shorten the velcro strap and then I'll test and post it.

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