The octagon is a pad to spread out the force from a motorcycle kickstand, to make sure it doesn't sink into soft ground and fall over.

Flipped my 3D printer's build plate over to use the smooth side instead of the textured side. I really like it!

The only reason it's not as smooth as glass is because of the hairspray I sprayed on before printing to make sure it stuck.

I love this person. :)


This is an incredible, incredible story that starts out with one person refusing to walk past a horrible anti-trans sticker without doing something about it.
Fighting TERFs + reclaiming spaces with love, dedication + rainbow coloured marker pens


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Brand new:

Community built AXIOM Micro (small image sensor) development prototype will be demoed at Maker Faire Berlin next week.

The idea to create a very affordable developer kit was born at #34C3.

Reading -

#opensource #Linux #camera #DIY #3Dprinting #CCC #FPGA #programming #hardware #electronics

Booked 4 days off in the last week of May, so I have 9 days for a trip down to the Southwest of England. Route/destination planning has begun!

Just about managed to get both sides designed and printed in one evening (had to stay up late, though)! Better hope it fits tomorrow, because I don't have much time for a redesign!

I've done an initial design of the bag mounts with a channel for the strap of the velcro section. Hopefully it'll work, because I only have one more evening to get this working.

I'm riding my motorbike over to the other side of London this weekend, and I'll have a bit more stuff than I'm comfortable carrying in a backpack. I have a big waterproof bag that's designed to go on a bike, but my seat is too small to fit both of its velcro mounts.

So I'm designing some little plastic adapters to attach the other mount on the metal rack at the back of the bike.

It was a lovely day today, so I gave my bike a proper clean for the first time since autumn! Also mounted a new pannier rack to it, so I can give my sister hers back.

I spent the weekend tearing my 3D printer down and reassembling it, following a guide that had a few alignment checks that I missed when putting it together the first time.

Will it work better? Probably not, but it was fun to do.

It was a lovely day today, so I went for my first motorbike ride in a while. With no plan for where to go, I ended up just doing the route I cycle to work! Much better traffic on a Saturday though. A couple of times I had to remind myself not to ride in the cycle lane.

I put an LED strip on my bed - I think it's pretty cool! Now I just need a good way to control it to avoid having full brightness LEDs first thing in the morning.

Home-made drone:

Laser-cut wood as a frame, Arduino as a flight controller, gyroscope from a Wii controller.

The rest is off-the-shelf: motors, ESC controllers, RC equipment.

Visited Kew Gardens for the first time on Saturday! The queue for the orchid exhibition was too long so we wandered around elsewhere, and now I want to go back just for the rockeries!

The dragon roared, spitting rings of fire, scales shimmering vibrant warning colors.

Undeterred, the tiny princess strode forward, dark tight curls bouncing about her head.

The dragon snapped at her.

"Enough!" she commanded.

The dragon's growls softened to a whine.

"Be nice to the healer and take your medicine."

The dragon complied dourly.

"Good, now we can go walkies."

The dragon perked up and followed after the princess gleefully.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

The first ZX Spectrum prototype. This is what stuff looks like while being developed. Don’t forget that or fear it. It’s easy to forget in an age when we only ever see the shiny façades of technology – whether that’s hardware or software. No one gets it right from the start, it’s always messy, always iterative and you never have all the answers and, heck, half the challenge is figuring out whether you’re even asking the right questions to begin with.

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