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OK, I'm feeling playful.

Name that tune (6m 59s): Grand Piano, Reed & Pipe Organ, Glockenspiel, Bass Guitar, Vocal Chords, Two Slightly Sampled Electric Guitars, The Venetian Effect, Digital Sound Processor, and...

To whom it may concern: I'm sitting in my nice warm home and my testicles are now firmly reattached. It's truly amazing what you can do with a staple gun. I can only hope that bastard of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier didn't chew them up too badly. Cheers!

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Fuck, I can't feel my fingers now because I'm a stupid cunt and forgot my gloves.

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I'm sitting outside a pub in the freezing cold having a beer because it's far too fucking crowded inside. That's how Scottish I am. If someone finds my balls rolling down Waterloo Street in Glasgow, could they please return them to ugly bastard sitting outside The Smokin' Fox. Cheers!

Does anyone have any experience with the Mycroft digital assistant? My friend @gudenau could do with a user guide.

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Great piece of journalism there from the BBC. Apparently, the ONLY option to Windows 7 is Windows 10.

BBC News - Microsoft ends Windows 7 support: What should you do?

This is a fucking tragedy, all those poor Pringles. I'm in mourning.

BBC News - Pringles lorry fire closes M1 slip road in Derbyshire

To quote the great literary genius Noddy Holder, IT'S CHRIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAS!

Hope you're all having a good one. I'm just about to open my presents, here we go! Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah) to everyone on the MX Linux dev team! Thank you for another brilliant release this year. I hope all of you and your families have an excellent, well deserved break. (Just remembered, I must post this on the forum as well!)

You can't beat putting off wrapping all the presents you bought until Christmas Eve. Turns it into more of a sport than something that just needs to be done.

I swear, the Christmas lights in Kilmarnock get fucking worse every year. (Apologies for the quality of my phone camera, this is why I prefer a DSLR.)

Now listening to . Loving the music, but simultaneously feeling bad for Marie Fredriksson.

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It's my Birthday, and I'm incredibly drunk, and I've just remembered I have a Mastodon account. Apologies for the forthcoming shit posts. Really, I'm so sorry.

I really hope the exit poll is a pile of festering, steaming shit.

Doubt it is though.

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There has been an update to the 4.19 kernel used in MX-18 and -19.

MX-18 users won't get that automatically, so should use the Package Installer.

It includes some security improvements, so the update is advised for all MX-18 users.

To quote Jefferson Starship "We built this city on Rock and Roll. But we still had to pile the foundations to the bedrock due to the overlying glacio-fluvial deposits being highly unsuitable for standard stepped or pad foundations. In fact, the CBR results also indicate a full 600mm capping layer will be required for road construction."

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