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@trickster Never had the pleasure. I've been to Devon though.

@guildencrantz 3. You murdered someone and have blocked it from your memory.

@kazooboy In the mid 90's almost every other person I met was a wannabe Gallagher brother, with the plastic Mancunian lingo to match. "Y'alrite, aar kid?"

@gudenau I'm glad a few firms have finally realised that there is money to be made supporting Linux. Most Linux users do so out of ethical or philosophical reasons, not because we're freeloading spongers. If they make it (and make it great) , we will buy it.

@jwkicklighter Since Google knows everything about everyone, can't they also show us where the bigots are?

@bclindner No, it's Friday. Damn you to hell and back if it gets cancelled before I've had my booze!

@roguelazer "Fuck off" is my catchphrase. I deserve a commission!

@PurpleBooth Do you know if there's an existing library to calculate the lunar phase or would it need to be linked to a server supplying that data?

@fn @suetanvil I suppose so. Please excuse me while I cream up my hemorrhoids.

@suetanvil Wait until you add and-type-2-diabetes into that age.

@trickster @bclindner I have an Unobtanium account, so I'm gonna have me some fun!

@brion You need to check-in to an iRehab clinic. But if you need to ask the price, you can't afford it.

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