Seriously, this got fucking favourited. Jesus suffering fuck!

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Mastodon.Technology: where you can toot a technology related post and no one fucking answers. Because they're all answering comical posts instead!

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I've been a dedicated MX Linux user for a couple of years now. However I've recently installed Manjaro on an old laptop and I have to admit I really fucking like it. I'm now seriously considering wiping out my main machine for Manjaro. Dilemma, of the First World problem type.

dental hygiene 

@ashfurrow The only tonic that presumably doesn't go with gin.

@trickster Yeah, she said the uniform was the embodiment of truth and justice, and that's exactly what a Jury should be.

@trickster Do you remember a news story years ago when somebody went on Jury duty wearing a Star Trek uniform (TNG era I think)?

@trickster For fuck sake: it takes WAY MORE effort to dress as The Joker than to simply chuck on a shirt and tie. The Magistrate should be flattered he went to the fucking trouble.

@robey I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that one.


@w1ke @category Good luck mate. Hope you test negative and your mum is OK.

the rona 

@ellotheth Christ, I hope The Trump doesn't read that. He'd probably conclude that if you do both, you'd have a -20% chance of contracting Covid-19 and therefore a cure.

@xmakina I'm breaking with tradition and having Chip Shop Thursday next week. I'm not hash-tagging it as I don't think it will catch on.

@aru Or the way your dog looks at you when your eating anything. Anything at all. It doesn't matter what it is. It's almost as if they're trying to hypnotise you into giving them some. It really is quite unnerving.

@cj I've opened a Just Giving page to help you recover from your ordeal.

Tales of my heroic deeds 

@kazooboy Where were you when I lost a tenner 15 years ago?

Self-care, scents 

@brion I envy you. Not because of the shampoo, but because you still have hair.

@ashfurrow In all seriousness, I did bomb calorimetry at college. NEVER, has an experiment been so underwhelming as that one was. Not as much as a fizzle, let alone a bomb.

@andrewt I'm guessing it's meant to be 170°, but either way it contradicts the previous "any angle" statement.

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