I wonder if tonight's sunset will be as colourful as last nights.

One of the current requirements from Her Majesty's (his Mother's) Government here in the UK is to stay at home and only travel if absolutely essential.


I'm sitting outside a pub in the freezing cold having a beer because it's far too fucking crowded inside. That's how Scottish I am. If someone finds my balls rolling down Waterloo Street in Glasgow, could they please return them to ugly bastard sitting outside The Smokin' Fox. Cheers!

I swear, the Christmas lights in Kilmarnock get fucking worse every year. (Apologies for the quality of my phone camera, this is why I prefer a DSLR.)

It's a hard life when you have to pop into the pub just to cool down.

I finally finished that computer I started building last October. Well, almost finished. I still need the HDD for media storage but that should arrive tomorrow.

I would have taken a picture of inside the case but, well, the cable management is a bit, well...
Dear... Oh dear..

It's only a motherboard and a case, but at least it's a start!

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