Who the hell would want to get within two metres of him even without Coronavirus doing the rounds?


@gboyd42 How a bellend like that ever made PM I'll never understand.

How you doing anyway? My stress levels went up somewhat earlier this evening when I clocked the lack of cans in the beer fridge at the shop. Politicians here still dithering over whether to lock down or not.

@leeb I'm doing well mate, thanks for asking.

Yeah, booze levels (along with most other things) in the shops here are quite concerning since the pubs got shut. My stash is almost at full strength though, should see me through this with a few top-ups.

Anyway, I'm off to queue-up outside the pharmacy two metres apart from everyone else to pick up my repeat prescription. Thankfully, it's not raining. How are you getting on mate?

@gboyd42 Could be worse, could be worse. Work has been pretty accomodating - been at home nearly 2 months now, only gone in the office twice.

Olympics getting cancelled was big news here, but I'd bet the govt had nothing to do with that!

Drink-wise, I think I'm going to start favouring density - small apartments not conducive to keeping trays of cans unfortunately! Seen some 4L drums of whisky in the shop that give me a hangover just looking at them, but they're definitely a last resort...

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