me: i would like to buy one general-purpose computer please

apple: no

microsoft: maybe

dell: if you're a developer, ok for now

weird small linux manufacturers: duuuuuude try a drag of this one, maaaaaaaan, it'll make you see the bits in your miiiiiiiiiind

Well, eight teenagers just tried to batter one of my neighbours door in with golf clubs and baseball bats, and smashed a child's bedroom window while they were asleep. Just another Saturday night under lockdown!

Of course, Scotland's finest took over half an hour to show up.

If you use the Utah Salt Lake City repos (switch to them with mx-repo-manager if you want), you should be safe.

Mirrors will catch up over the next 12 hours or so.

Thanks and sorry about that!

Accidents happen...don't update for a while...

There is a repo package problem in the MX main not update...see this message for details.


Is it just me or are Samsung adverts now officially more annoying than Apple adverts?

Installing Fedora 32 Jam on a spare HDD.



So. Tonight at dinner I was telling Penney about how Adobe Flash is going away, because it's full of security vulnerabilities, and none of the new web browsers will support it, but that's okay, because now there's HTML5, and it'll do the job and it's more secure, but that means a lot of web-based apps and websites that use Adobe Flash now have to be re-written to work with HTML5, and..
And that's when I noticed that she was in a complete catatonic state.

Who the hell would want to get within two metres of him even without Coronavirus doing the rounds?

One of the current requirements from Her Majesty's (his Mother's) Government here in the UK is to stay at home and only travel if absolutely essential.


Anyone else pushing the limits of their VPN and Torrenting a fuck-load of shows and movies they said previously they would only watch if the world ended? Police Academy 1 thru 7 here I come!

OK, I'm feeling playful.

Name that tune (6m 59s): Grand Piano, Reed & Pipe Organ, Glockenspiel, Bass Guitar, Vocal Chords, Two Slightly Sampled Electric Guitars, The Venetian Effect, Digital Sound Processor, and...

To whom it may concern: I'm sitting in my nice warm home and my testicles are now firmly reattached. It's truly amazing what you can do with a staple gun. I can only hope that bastard of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier didn't chew them up too badly. Cheers!

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Fuck, I can't feel my fingers now because I'm a stupid cunt and forgot my gloves.

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