There are claims that hooking my password dstabase to the internet is "more secure" than keeping it totally offline.

I ain't havin' it.

I'm beginning to suspect Charles Darwin may have been wrong solely on the premise that Joey Essex is still alive and kicking.

Introducing: Tober. A month with no theme where I do absolutely fuck all except vape, drink beer and eat tacos.

And possibly Pringles.

Looks like Google just flipped the safety net switch for all the Huawei phones.

They no longer pass CTS, this should get interesting.

Half a lifetime ago, I thought toothache was the worst pain imaginable. That was until I got an ear infection which taught me what real pain was like. But then, last year, cluster headaches put all of that into perspective.

But let me tell you: right now, lower back pain is utter fucking torture.

Was just mistaken for London

"your request will be processed within 30 business minutes"

Is this what the kids call a one hour shit on company time nowadays?

Now officially in love with this pub: two classic songs in the space of half an hour.

I finally finished that computer I started building last October. Well, almost finished. I still need the HDD for media storage but that should arrive tomorrow.

I would have taken a picture of inside the case but, well, the cable management is a bit, well...
Dear... Oh dear..

I've never been a big computer game player, but two of my favourite computer games when I was a kid were 'Escape from Rungistan' and 'Police Quest'. I've done a Start Page and Duck Duck search, but can't find Linux versions. Does anyone know if either or both games have Linux editions?

RIP Niki Lauda

1949 - 2019

One of the greatest, and the bravest.

What pissed me off most is I really enjoy Like a Prayer, well, the album version anyway.

Good on Hatari! There had to be a Palastinian protest somewhere. At least they kept it for after the performance.

Oh Christ, I'm getting into it now! I'm starting to hope North Macedonia win. Can't think that they've ever won anything before, other than their independence.

Oh dear Madonna, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

Why did you even bother to turn up?

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