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Tonight at #rc3 starting at 7:30pm: Playing role playing games (RPG) decentralized (Spiele lieber dezentral) by @cstrotm

I play pen and paper RPGs with Carsten, friends and the online based system he's going to present since spring and it's really fun.

So grab a Mate and tune in! The talk and the following live game will be in German.

wow, thank you to everyone helping out on you guys are amazing. Really loving it!

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#ffprofile is a #Firefox profile generator.

ffprofile is a questionaire style settings generator that creates a profile for a Firefox installation. ffprofile provides many options for improving #privacy, usability, and OEM style installations. ffprofile also provides preinstalled extensions (at user's option) for a quicker complete install.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

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Do NOT install through the Samsumg Galaxy Store!

A copy of is currently distributed through the Samsung Galaxy Store by a third party. The package id of that version is identical to the officiail one (org.schabi.newpipe), but the signing keys differ.
Surprisingly, users running an outdated version recieve a notification to update their installed version with the one uploaded in the Galaxy Store.

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Nicht nur Spieler sind von "Cyberpunk 2077" enttäuscht: Ein Investor hat nun gegen den Entwickler CD Projekt geklagt. Daraus könnte eine Sammelklage werden.
"Cyberpunk 2077": Investor verklagt Entwickler CD Projekt
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Yesterday we re-released 0.1.2 on Flathub to address an urgent bug with GNOME 3.36 that we had inherited.

Work on #glimpse 0.1.4 will take another week or two before it enters beta. That is because we are troubleshooting Windows & Snapcraft builds, and adding a few extra features.

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Isaac Asimov quote from 1980:

“There is a cult of ignorance …. [It is] nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

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Hackers stuck a 2-inch strip of tape on a 35mph speed sign and successfully tricked 2 Teslas into accelerating to 85mph
From Discover on Google

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"We already store data. In a database. It works well." – Jimmy Wales

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advice is a funny thing, everyone wants to give it.

if you want to trace a path to greatness you start with defeat, lose, rejection. if you want to be endlessly motivated, failure is key.

Not giving a fuck takes practice. tuning out the noise. going with your instincts. staying committed to what you believe. that shit doesn't come easy. you feel like taking hits, but if you stay on your feet no one will fuck with you.

For all of you that wanted to build your own computer truly from scratch. Here is CollapseOS on Z80 to help you with that.

From the bird site on warrantless encryption:

So about this “warrantless encryption” thing. We’ve been here before.

The first time was way back in 1993, a time when the Internet was just starting to gain widespread traction and concerns about privacy and information security were on the cusp of entering the mainstream.

When you finish a PhD in computer science, they take you to a special room and explain that you must never use recursion in real life. Its only purpose is to make programming hard for undergrads.

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IPFS: Let's build a high-performance, non-censurable web, and let's add a cash incentive on the side for hosting content. Comes from Silicon Valley-adjacent VC-funded hackers.

DAT: Let's build something that is usable for your average scientist, specifically for sharing scientific datasets, so that that information can be accessible without going through scientific journals or someone's private stash. Comes from EU-grant-funded Danish hackers. Happens to be usable for a distributed web as well.

Done, I got my ticket! 🚀 Cya all in Leipzig!

oh well, no ticket for me, will try again on the 11th. Not sure what I do if I end up without one. :(

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