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it is SO annoying, why does this happen, and why doesn't it happen on my linux boot (i unpair devices from windows first bc i know it causes problems, to be clear - connections work, they just don't go auto.) can i make windows not do this?

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me: turns on PC bluetooth
every single device in my house that has ever been connected to my windows install, even if presently being used by my phone: yes hello i'm urs now

i just found out the cat emotes exist and now i am compelled to find reasons to use every single one of them

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me remembering that this is a fresh install of windows and i need to set up ADB again :catto:

i wish windows just came with all the stuff that's useful without me having to manually install it myself. visual studio + java libraries and an extension to make RAW files viewable should be built in. hue app wouldn't install for me bc they didn't bundle visual studio stuff in with the installer smh if I wasn't into IT i'd never have figured it out.

meanwhile windows adds 598690586 apps i will never touch in my life and refuses me the abilty to remove many of them :screamcat:

i rly like mastodon. so many new people to talk to and everyone has been so welcoming with interactions, like it's devoid of the constant hostility usually associated with talking to strangers online

with my other headphones the settings I set on the app have stayed with me on devices without the app present, so hopefully it's the same for these. if not, oh well, i bought them knowing the downsides of being too paranoid for google services on my phone :tiredcat:

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so i went into jb hi-fi and of all the headphones they had within budget, i decided on the JBL live 660 NCs. not bad for $249, the bass is a bit too jarring even for me but the inbuilt spotify equalizer sorted it out. it has an app I'll download with raccoon APK and hope it works without google services for all the extra features. if it asks for too many privs, IN THE BIN IT GOES, and bluestacks on windows is where i'll install it

i like having friends a lot older and a lot younger than me, because it keeps me balanced. you can learn a lot from anyone in any age group and from any walk of life. my 15 year old half-sister has called me out on how uptight i am on really redundant things, it's weird how sensible she is but also she's growing up in a *very* diff time than i was. the 90s were unhinged

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i run into a lot of really young folks ranging from 18-25 playing WoW classic which has made me start talking like them in casual conversation which is awkward as a 30-something yr old that hangs out with a lot of non-gamers. i just wish more people my age embraced cringe. like, the silly type. a lot of ppl 30+ take themselves too seriously

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my favourite phrase to come out of the zoomer gamer community is "not very poggers". it puts me in a good mood immediately when i remember it exists

i think i just need something that sounds neutral but squashes the higher frequencies a bit. it seems to be what physically hurts my ears when listening to people talk or whatever, given that it's a problem equalizers can make go away if i fiddle with them enough. it's still hard to make things sound okay with an equalizer if the headphones default sound is meh

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i dislike skrillex's music, it's mostly electro house that is too high pitched for me to NOT find annoying, so bass is always a need for me but so many headphones that promote good bass sound like music being played underwater. just, fml

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jb hi-fi have display headphones i can listen to hell YEAH. hopefully they have something decent in the price range I can shoot for. audio quality reviews never apply to me like i listen to brostep my idea of good sound is not normal

it's still better than making a website from scratch, but OOF

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me: i hate webdev so i'm resorting to wordpress
wordpress: hope you like spending 3 hours trying to figure out why your custom css isn't working

i'm picky with audio but it's less to do with default ideals in quality & more the out-of-the-box sound style and i don't want (and can't use) a proprietary app unless it's. linux compatible lol. or unless it has a windows version & i can keep the settings, once i set it up, w/o the app

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there are Too Many Options for headphones and not enough ways for me to actually listen to them, because that part of reviews are always utterly unhelpful

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