i'm good at purposefully being a sponge. not understanding something doesn't worry me, i just absorb it cos it'll prob click later. that stress gets in the way of learning. that is probs part of why - i spend *a lot* of time thinkin & processing before i do a lot of focused work

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i don't do the crunch thing but i do really like the last week or so of an assignment / study. i started study for neurophysiology after not attending a lecture for 5 weeks 2 weeks before exam and got a distinction anyway lmao. i just do my best work towards the end somehow

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i know i need to look after myself near uni deadlines but i stay up till 5am with a 2L bottle of vanilla pepsi max every time

@fribbledom oof what has cisco done? i mean i inherently trust no company who does this but i'm curious if there's anything in particular about them referenced here

@Graylik funnily enough the only coffee i liked was 7-eleven which is hilarious given it's, 7-eleven. cafes usually i have to dump a lot of sweetner in there. i've come to like the warmth and routine of coffee, and the taste has grown on me, i just have to make sure its sweet enough. i've got a coffee machine so i guess it's time to buy smaller bags of beans, ty for that tip, cos yeah it randomly tasted AWFUL for a while every time n i didnt know why

i posted one of my cybersecurity reports for uni on there because it got good marks and i think it's also an important topic (see pinned post) and i cannot imagine putting that anywhere else, because tumblr seems the only option, maybe linkedin?? they allow article-like posts right?

but also i refuse to make a linkedin for, incidentally, infosec reasons

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a surprising amount of people don't know medium is basically just tumblr with a professional front. anyone can post articles there, which is why some of it is utter trash

if you want to socially engineer your way into a company linkedin is a lot more useful to you than any other social media, because most of the information you need is laid out there and requires no digging you might otherwise have to do

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thinking about career things since graduation is close now and like....god i hope i don't have to make a linkedin. i have a hard time imagining cybersecurity professionals using it because it's a massive infosec/cybersec threat. but then i remember most people aren't as paranoid as me :tiredcat:

waiting to finish the dlc to really voice how i feel about this game. but 66+ hours invested probably tells you all you need to know, really

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it's a lot more chill, even though it still has time limits. my fave dreams are the ones where i'm the last person alive on earth and i can just go explore absolutely everything unhindered, and the dlc has that vibe

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took 66 hrs to 100% the original outer wilds content, woo. i've never played a Space Game(tm) so it took like 30 hours to get used to it. so disorienting. making my way thru the DLC now

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(very good, naking-history & hopeful) aus politics 

we kicked our corrupt govt out after 10 yrs & voted in a man who grew up in public housing w a disability pensioner single mother, who elected the first first nations woman to be minister for indigenous affairs, and his pre-speech was given by penny wong - a gay asian woman with a tonne of experience as a senator. i've known of her virtually my whole life. a TONNE of independents, most of which are women, kicked conservatives out of their seats

tech journalists are being poisoned by silicon valley. and twitter brain worms. FOSS needs more credit & support and a lot less fearmongering like this. anyway. genuinely sad abt this lol :saddestcat:

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the worst thing i have seen happen to a FOSS project is the developer abandons it. but because it's FOSS someone can just pick it back up again. sure some mastodon servers have drama happen but on any social media account you can lose all your data and lose access i'm... :tiredcat:

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this happened hours ago and i'm still mad about it, especially bc of course that post is getting attention because he, a powerful journalist with a voice, said it. it's just blatant misinfo

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a very powerful tech journalist just told me open source software has a "benevolent dictator for life" governance problem and i'm??>??? no it doesn't, by fucking DESIGN. oh my god

@Graylik i didn't start drinking coffee regularly till i was like 27 cos i hated the taste but now its become routine i don't even know what the bean juice tastes like anymore. just awakeness. thjats a taste right

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