a very powerful tech journalist just told me open source software has a "benevolent dictator for life" governance problem and i'm??>??? no it doesn't, by fucking DESIGN. oh my god

this happened hours ago and i'm still mad about it, especially bc of course that post is getting attention because he, a powerful journalist with a voice, said it. it's just blatant misinfo


the worst thing i have seen happen to a FOSS project is the developer abandons it. but because it's FOSS someone can just pick it back up again. sure some mastodon servers have drama happen but on any social media account you can lose all your data and lose access i'm... :tiredcat:

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tech journalists are being poisoned by silicon valley. and twitter brain worms. FOSS needs more credit & support and a lot less fearmongering like this. anyway. genuinely sad abt this lol :saddestcat:

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