i really like the idea of malware analysis as another job to aim for when i graduate but it's kinda weird cos i love figuring out other people's code, but i hate coding. i imagine i''d need to be working as a software dev for a while for this career option. i look at it as more IT, because you're looking at what systems are being effected and how on a deeper level than the people who wrote it in the first place

i like trying to figure out software problems on PCs like idk....drivers, for instance, which seems very similar conceptually, but it's not a programmer's job


i have like 6 potential careers to aim for when i graduate which is....a headache. overwhelmed on where tf to start. i'd be content doing computer fixing things at a store, so i guess something basic like that would be good to start with, it also helps me to recover from uni it has been very rough :tiredcat:

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