i really like the idea of malware analysis as another job to aim for when i graduate but it's kinda weird cos i love figuring out other people's code, but i hate coding. i imagine i''d need to be working as a software dev for a while for this career option. i look at it as more IT, because you're looking at what systems are being effected and how on a deeper level than the people who wrote it in the first place

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i like trying to figure out software problems on PCs like idk....drivers, for instance, which seems very similar conceptually, but it's not a programmer's job

i have like 6 potential careers to aim for when i graduate which is....a headache. overwhelmed on where tf to start. i'd be content doing computer fixing things at a store, so i guess something basic like that would be good to start with, it also helps me to recover from uni it has been very rough :tiredcat:

@gabriel This is a very precious skill. Most programmers love writing their own code, but hate reading someone else's. But in the real world, unless you work for some startup, you do much more of reading code, than writing.

@deshipu oh good to know. i'm extremely theory based in how i like to do things. i hate having to actually Do A Thing, i want to analyze it to death instead. i jumped in with gamedev students for my uni capstone project and we had 5 programmers and 2 artists LMAO, so the spending more time reading code thing....yeah that tracks

@deshipu the groups were randomly thrown together which is how we got such a scuffed composition. i'm sorta grateful tho cos i've never worked with other programmers before. or even did any object oriented programming before that point

@gabriel My usual bug fixing session is three hours of looking at code, trying to understand what is going on, and then 1 minute of deleting one line of code or changing a sign to opposite or something like this, to fix it. Then 5 minutes to explain what was happening and what the fix does in the commit message.

@deshipu oh that sort of thing appeals to me...huh. yeah i guess my gripe with programming then is just having to build an entire thing by myself, it's tedious. more tedious to me than three hours of bug fixing lmaoo

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