If You Must post a screenshot of a tweet to dunk on it here, please for the love of god hide it under a CW. I left twitter because of this behaviour, I don't want to see it here.

people say things they don't believe all the time just cos they get a kick out of getting a reaction, also you can't verify that a lot of these people are even real in any sense of the word. A lot of followers doesn't mean anything concrete. I stopped using twitter much about 2 years ago (I maintain it mainly for an art presence, but that's all) because it gave me a serious case of brain worms

a huge problem twitter creates is this idea that rage is solidarity. but you don't have to get furious to care about something, it doesn't make you a bad person to not be Enraged. lifting eachother up rather than forcing eachother to read some nonsense by someone called idk coolbro69 is way more helpful. the only people who care about your hot takes on twitter posts are those who probably agree with you anyway bc it's an inherently polarizing platform due to Dunk Culture

I really want people to be healthier and shed these twitter habits and I am afraid that mastodon might become an unmanageable cesspool because of people jumping ship from the cursed bird site. If you use social media to get mad at people on social media, I'd suggest reassessing your relationship with these platforms. Please take care of yourselves & eachother

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