@michael @dansup Also it would be nice if instance owners could opt out easily (e.g. not emailing/DMing the author but maybe via selfservice). I've found it almost impossible to get sandbox/playground instances out of various fediverse scrapers, and a year+ after uninstalling I'm still getting lots of hits for healthcheck and nodeinfo...

Trying out a cold brew recipe. Got into coffee stuff quite a lot recently, also experimenting with (an admittedly entry level) manual espresso machine the same time (so far with mixed results..)

Trump: Endgame (this would be a nice comedy movie title)

I made roasted duck stock (broth?) today. It cooked for over half day but it turned out amazing. Guess I've levelled up in kitchen skills today :)

@fribbledom I know that feeling. I guess many of us sit way too much in front of a computer this year...

Due to positive covid case in the kindergarten, I'm working at home today with my 3yo daughter on my lap. Surprisingly productive, already fixed a webserver authentication bug together :)

@gudenau Weird, I exclusively used Google devices since the Nexus 4, and never had any problems with any of them (4/5/5x/9 and now a Pixel 3a).

@fribbledom I think it was a CD player program for DOS, with glorious VGA graphics. Obviously no one ever used it besides myself :)

Manually cleaning up years of facebook presence, posts, likes, photos. Tedious work.

@fribbledom One weird thing: with very long mount paths (docker...) and not wide enough terminal window, the frame will fall apart (does not check window width). Otherwise cool :)

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