My Pixel's battery is probably about to die, so I'll need to look for a new phone. Too bad they are not sold in my country, is buying a Pixel 3a would be tricky. What else is worth buying of I prefer smaller screens (I want a phone and not planni g to play table tennis with it) and no custom UI, launcher and loads of bloatware?

I've "built" myself a DIY softbox. I wonder how much difference it will make on photos..

Started to worry about my health much more than anytime before in my life. Too many friends/colleagues departing this life earlier than they should.. So I decided this year I'll have myself finally checked out in as many aspects as possible.

My first "staged" photos with flash are (as I predicted) horrible crap. I need to learn a lot :)

My flashes and the wireless trigger just arrived :) Time to learn some more photography stuff.

Thought I'd try out Nvidia Now, sitting in queue for 45 minutes or so. Maybe I'm not that interested afterall :)

Wow, spam traffic has increased quite a lot in the past 1.5-2 days. Some kind of ransomware scheme seems to have become active.

MIgrating from Acdsee Pro to Capture One.. Just need to figure out how to get my 15 years worth of photo library along with all the edits (sidecar xmp files). Probably there's no way and all I can do is to export all files with the edits I've done to a separate folder, and import the originals only :(

@angristan Your wireguard howto helped a lot to figure out where to start, thanks for it. :)

Finally managed my Wireguard VPN server up and running with proper dual stack addressing, both for my android phone and my desktop. Proper IPv6 took some time until I realized i need to proxy neighbor solicitations, but then I discovered ndppd. :)

Troubleshooting an SSL connection issue is not exactly the kind of fun I wished for today.

Looks like something got messed up in versions after 16; causing new clients (windows sync app, android talk app) being unable to get authorization when logging in. Trying to gather enough details to send a bug report...

Today there was fire in the apartment right above us: christmas tree got on fire. Fortunately no one was harmed and there was no damage to our place. But it sucks arriving home with ambulance in front of the house and the stairwell full of smoke smell.

Brilliant, looks like I spend most of my ~3 weeks of year-end vacation with sickness :(

2019: The year our society was simultaneously dragged to multiple different, and almost equally bad directions.

I think this one wins the "presentation I enjoyed the most lately" title...

"The Art of Code"

Mojang support responded to a support issue I opened with them more than 2 months later. A bit underwhelming...

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