Trying out a cold brew recipe. Got into coffee stuff quite a lot recently, also experimenting with (an admittedly entry level) manual espresso machine the same time (so far with mixed results..)

Trump: Endgame (this would be a nice comedy movie title)

I made roasted duck stock (broth?) today. It cooked for over half day but it turned out amazing. Guess I've levelled up in kitchen skills today :)

Due to positive covid case in the kindergarten, I'm working at home today with my 3yo daughter on my lap. Surprisingly productive, already fixed a webserver authentication bug together :)

Manually cleaning up years of facebook presence, posts, likes, photos. Tedious work.

The amount of denial, skepticism and conspiration theories upon the start of the second covid wave in my country is really worrying me.

People rather believe noname youtubers and facebook celebs than people with actual medical background.

I think for now I'm giving up on - no matter what I do and how I configure it, cannot get signaling to work reliably. Most likely I'll just use nextcloud for storage, and test drive matrix for messaging.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but Nextcloud Talk signaling seems extremely unreliable to me. Clients not getting notified about calls being started or ended, seems totally unusable to me to anything beyond simply sending text messages.

"Image cloaking for personal privacy"

Fawkes has been tested extensively and proven effective in a variety of environments and is 100% effective against state-of-the-art facial recognition models (Microsoft Azure Face API, Amazon Rekognition, and Face++).

Spent like 3 hours debugging the wireguard IPv6 connectivity on my new VM, only to find out later that I simply had a typo in my firewall script. Oh well, time to sleep.

Cannot get Nextcloud Talk working. Notifications are rarely arriving, neither for messages nor for calls. I have battery optimizations turned off on the phone but tbh even the webinterface is not reacting to incoming call. I even installed an own STUN/TURN server but nothing. In its current for it appears unusable for me. Did anyone have any success with this (most recent release - Nextcloud 19)?

Spent some time optimizing my mailserver settings and tweaking security a bit. After don't know how many years finally configured client autodiscovery for my mail domain.

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