I think I'm taking much better photos since I've switched to AF+MF mode on my Fuji camera. I really love and and enjoy this upgrade from my 12 years old Canon DSLR.

Also I will quite probably still donate for both projects, but not via the play store :)

Alright, back to on mobile. While I might understand the decision to make paid software on Google play, I believe apps should not try to influence the users' decision on switching store platform in such way. That being said, both apps are amazing and I thank both developers for their hard work.

In a philosophical mood today:

Do we deserve an environment without hate (towards us), if we allow ourselves to be hateful to others?

Bad mood this morning. Feeling strongly again that I should abandon all social media, but this time include mastodon as well.

I think I'll end my friendica experiment for now and try to spin up a pleroma instance. Thought about mastodon as well but I don't fancy having redis and node.js as well...

Our views and opinions may be different, but that does not make us enemies.

Pretty sad about the amount of drama I read in the timeline.

Had a full evening's time for coding and man it felt good. :)

"There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things."

And I'm struggling with the second now :)

I think I successfully shot myself in the foot with my app design. Let's think a little bit...

The night is dark and full of spoilers.

Alright, I was wrong. What happens is that the remote end (both mastodon and friendica) happily receive my Accept activity but still, it seems like they haven't received (or interpreted) the acknowledgement for the Follow. I guess the troubleshooting continues.

Built the image for friendica 2019.04, time for (at least trying to) upgrade. Take a deep breath and pull the plug :D

Yay, I can 'properly' handle inbound Follows now :)

I think now I've got a rough framework for handling activities on a local inbox.

It would be time for a celebratory beer but now that I have this damn flu I'll fall back to hot tea.

@dansup When scroling through the "infinite timeline" on pixelfed, sometimes images (posts) are duplicated e.g. appear twice right below each other. Is this a known issue?

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