Since Aruba Cloud tripled the monthly fee of my little smart VM (understandable, they were dirt cheap), I'm now looking for alternatives. Looks like for the new price there are actually much better offers. For the same price, Scaleway gives double CPU/RAM in their "development" instances, but I'm not familiar with how stable those VMs are (I guess they are called development and not production for a purpose).

Do I like to live dangerously and upgrade to nextcloud 19 RC? :)

First self haircut done and I'm not bald yet. Not perfect but let's say it's good enough for the first iteration :)

Did a few laps of running around the park nearby. Felt damn good :)

First time ever I tried to make bread. I hope the result will be actually usable for something besides breaking a window :)

Watching through Devin Townsend's "Quarantine Project" on Youtube and laughing my a$$ off :)

Feeling more and more uneasy about the situation out there and worried about my family and friends. I'll drop this one here.

My Pixel's battery is probably about to die, so I'll need to look for a new phone. Too bad they are not sold in my country, is buying a Pixel 3a would be tricky. What else is worth buying of I prefer smaller screens (I want a phone and not planni g to play table tennis with it) and no custom UI, launcher and loads of bloatware?

I've "built" myself a DIY softbox. I wonder how much difference it will make on photos..

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