If I feel down, I just need to (re-)watch Devin Townsend's Universal Flame, the Royal Albert Hall version with the little kid on stage.

It's like showing the world the middle finger saying "you can't hurt me".

Incoming HTTP signature successfully verified. So far just blindly acking requests with a 200/OK, the hard part will be actually interpreting the activity I'm receiving *scratches head*.

Aaaand finally, first contact made! :) Friendica processed my friend request, next step will be to teach my code to accept the accept. :)

And hereby thank you @t for the little-boxes library, it helps an awful lot in understanding what's what.

Yay, so now I can send a properly signed friend request and serve the incoming webfinger request for the actor. Now I wish half of this wasn't hardcoded mess, but hey, at least I'm learning. Now on to proper user models and how to represent actors.

The more I fiddle with things the more I realize how little I know.

Responding to a toot from a personal test instance resulted in ~400 sites fetching my profile within a minute or so. Poor CPU :) This looks like more resource intensive than I expected.

My little fediverse playground: now I'm able to semi-correctly discover an account, pulling data both from webfinger and actor URI. Far from being proper and perfect of course.

Next will be to learn to subscribe/follow and eventually to accept incoming posts.

Trying out the Hyperspace mastodon client. Interesting, although not sure if I'd need a desktop client, I so got used to the multi-column web UI.

A new friendica instance in 3 days, with a single account on it, following ~10 users. No idea how it learned about so many other nodes while doing that.. so many things to learn.

(I guess?) question: from a write.as URL how do I find out the "mastodon compatible" resource? E.g. write.as/something -> something@write.as. What kind of lookup needs to happen there? Fetching it as an actor URL does not return this data.

Now I want to try following people on various different protocols (mastodon, friendica, pixelfed, pleroma, diaspora) to see how interaction works.

So far so good, although the VM I use might be too small for Friendica. The look-and-feel is Facebook-ish, although the various sort modes (last posted, last commented) might make the interface confusing for non-geeks. Local/global community seems similar to Mastodon's timeline concept.

Messing with Friendica, trying to get it up and running in a container.

Kid is sick, for the first time in her life except a one-afternoon fever a bit ago. These moments make people realize new things about themselves, I think.

Finally picked off coding that I left off almost a year ago. Sometimes life is just a bit too busy...

It's amazing how much difference it makes when you finally sleep more than 6 hours...

First time on the train with toddler. So far so good, daughter already sleeping :)

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