Also, writing this article have me an idea for my next talk... A demo of how an extension can steal all your data.

With people stealing my data :)

My plan of writing a tangentially related article to get more users for my now-approved-by-slack-but-I-cant-say-so-loudly-extension didn’t work according to plan... But... this is an excellent platform to say that and not being loud: We worked it out with Slack :) a rename and a notice and Taut (fka BetterSlack) is now live for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Go get it at

oh no! now @mau is favoriting my toots... *goes find a social network with 0 users*

Also, hi @mau :)

and... I’m talking about just 700 followers :P 10 including bots sounds like a more reasonable audience.

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I’ve been wanting to say things, but I feel this pressure of all that people looking. I even considered creating a second twitter account or blogging without tweeting... but if I blog about something, then it becomes this entire thing that’s going to live forever.

But a toot... feels more like sharing things with a group of strangers that probably don’t care about what I have to say.

And there’s some beauty about it :) I don’t feel sorry for tooting.

Tweeting is harder the more followers I have... fortunately, that’s not a problem I have here :)

I authored a chrome extension to implement a couple features on Slack and they asked me to take it down. My blog post at was on the first page of HN for more than 20 hours!

It was a crazy experience. I still don’t fully recover from it, I’m having some issues sleeping, I’m a bit anxious... yet I’m super happy about it :)

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