My biggest peeve with @Apple's macOS is how Internet Accounts can't read U2F keys. Something I have to use with @Google's Advanced Protection Program. 😞

I guess I won't be getting Calendar notifications until someone fixes this 😞

Anyone have a workaround for this?

I just contributed to the Zcash Sapling Multi-Party Computation (MPC).

Contribute to the MPC and help make Zcash more secure (and simultaneously 1000x better than BTC)

@trevdev they do have soft limits, though, which limits the scale of your site by a whole lot. That's where Cloudflare helps by reducing the load:

@trevdev all my static sites are hosted for free on GitHub pages, including my personal landing page at

The article, walks through hosting, also free & powered by React :D

Why is my Google Home so dumb? I mean, I'm sure it's dumb for everyone, but it's *especially* dumb when running in a developing country.

@zangetsu_MG congratulations! And welcome to the club of good samaritans! :grin

@thecapegreek i like yours!

For mine, I'd started blogging on medium a few years ago, so I didn't really need my own hosted blog. I just went with links to me around the internet plus a link to my resume :)

After procrastinating for 5 years, I finally updated my personal site:

I thought Luke Evans might be the guy that played Gomez in the old Adams family, but I just discovered that that was Raúl Juliá, who died two years after I was born.

They look like twins, but they have no relation.

@adrianovaroli I've been using LastPass for years now and I can't recommend it enough. Client-side encryption for your passwords, plus functional extensions, and a great Android app.

I'm already a premium user, but here's a free month:

Just published: How to Build an Effective Initial Deployment Pipeline ⚙

Featuring a toot by @sean on this instance. :mastodon: 🐘

@rharter hey Ryan! These are stats from my command line, auto generated by by the `zsh_stats` script that comes bundled with oh-my-zsh. I cleaned it up a bit to fit in the message, but it's just a fun thing I found and wanted to share. 😄

My most commonly used commands 

1 37.71% git
2 6.16% rails
3 4.78% cd
4 4.55% heroku
5 3.14% brew
6 2.58% rm
7 2.14% docker
8 1.81% cat
9 1.43% npm
10 1.43% kubectl
11 1.26% yarn
12 1.25% docker-compose
13 1.17% ssh
14 1.10% mv
15 0.95% rvm
16 0.95% bundle
17 0.93% sudo
18 0.87% ls
19 0.86% echo
20 0.78% e

@skunkreturns In that case I recommend two things:

1. Rubocop
2. Reek

It'll help you get the codebase into a more manageable place.

Also, there are other Rails patterns in this:

One of the best things I discovered this week :D

I wrote a guide on using service objects for on developers. If you like it, please let me know 😄

(reposting, previously the url was broken)

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