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Happy Constitution day! My favorite amendment is the 14th, whats yours?

@ashfurrow Hello, is there a way to get a list of Mastodon instances that are members of the Federation with THIS instance ?

Hello, where can I find information on which Mastodon servers are included in the Federation with THIS server ? Thanks

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folks, the only "trend" here on mastodon is loving and respecting your fellow posters

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Mastodon reminds me of the early days of Twitter, when was mostly text, but very dev-friendly, and devs all over the world competed against each other to bring the best experience out there.

I am currently actively using three Mastodon clients on my iPhone, because none of them offers all the features I want in one place. Yet, I realize that we’re still in the early days, and that good things take time.

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When I cannot write code myself, I sometimes watch videos on YouTube by someone who calls himself Bisquit (I think I spelled that right). They are entertaining plus I learn.

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1,499,991 accounts
+415 in the last hour
+4,916 in the last day
+88,931 in the last week

I think this is my other account name, @Fuzzhead@toot.cafe not sure if I have the syntax correct, but that's my only other... I am starting HERE on THIS server: mastodon.technology

Adding to .
Don't know what to write, or what approach to take. Married, three sons grades 8,9, and 12.
Learning about the college application process, and it's
complicated. Technology amazes me, and I love learning new things!!! Concentrating on Azure and Microsoft Tech. and Distributed Apps.

Love, peace, and laughter to each of you.

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