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I'll be broadcasting from 8-11:30PM US/East this evening. Please join us. Listen links and other info at

I'll be broadcasting Bomb Shelter Radio from 8PM to 11:30PM tonight (US/Eastern). Link to listen is at

Folks, we have brand new "dumpster fire" images courtesy of NOFD:

The signage in the first one is the cherry on top.

@gamehawk Yessss, you understand my needs!

In return, may I offer this photo of a dumpster fire on rails?

(Original source is Mansfield Police Department; link via although it now has a broken embed.)

A couple of my bots are down due to a server outage, need to deal with that...

Sitting in a room with 2700 detectable Bluetooth devices.

So I've been quietly bringing my radio station online and we are having a show tonight at 8PM Eastern (00:00 UTC). Incoher-RANT Talk and Awful Music Radio. You can find a listen link, and an invite to our slack channel at

you go to open the fridge

"configuring updates"

takeaway again huh


All* my group& dinners% go like this...~

*Not All
&Group of one or more, including myself
%Any meal actually
~This may or may not be true

Extract from a NYT Headline...

"New Jersey Wants Revenge."

That isn't news, that has been true since the beginning of naked bathing in the Raritan River(*).

Whole headline here:

(*) - From the musical "1776"

I don't normally ask for this kind of crap, but I'm really happy with how @xkcd turned out and I'd like it to be a part of a lot more timelines.

If you have a chance, check it out... If you like it, please give it a boost.

So I should be back to Internet Radio Broadcasting next week. Some details posted at with more to come.

#xkcd #gammaTest M87 Black Hole Size Comparison - I think Voyager 1 would be just past the event horizon, but slightly less than halfway to the bright ring. - Wed, 10 Apr 2019 04:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

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