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Fediverse tip 

On the Fediverse posts are shown in the timeline in chronological order. No black-box algorithm means we are back in control, but this doesn't mean the system cannot be misused.

If you want to be noticed one way is to post a lot and regularly. However this method is effectively a form of censorship by noise, where all the smaller voices get lost and remain unknown.
For example if you follow a "shitposter" with 1000 posts a day and a cool guy with 1 post a day, you will probably miss that single post in the timeline and you may wonder if the person is still alive.
In Pleroma you can combat this by changing the background color of posts from that person you care about, or hit the bell to receive notifications of new posts.

Another way to get visibility is to interact with other people by replying to their posts. If you reply to someone that is followed by many you'll gain visibility. But that doesn't mean you should look at other people's follower counter before replying.

These are some of the quirks needed in a algorithm-less timeline.

#xkcd #gammaTest Truck Proximity - See also: Farm animals and dinosaurs. I am so confident that there exists children's media that involves dinosaurs driving trucks on a farm that I'm writing this without even Googling to check. - Wed, 26 Feb 2020 05:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

Started playing Portal for the first time, in case you wanted to know how cutting edge I am.

Hey fellow Bi and Pan folks!

Imposter syndrome is super common within our adorable little subsets of the community!

Worried you’re not Bi or Pan enough? That’s the imposter syndrome talking!

But you ARE!
You’re more than enough!
You’re awesome!

The German government is founding this very important free software project for Android (maybe other OSes too?)

A very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the holiday.

we're gonna make it through this week 

i believe in us

#xkcd #gammaTest Prescience - Lots of people called their ships unsinkable before the Titanic. Voicing your hubris doesn't make failure more likely, just more memorable. - Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

That moment (for me was a couple of weeks ago) when you realize that totalfark has been wrecked by competing submissions of political and anger bile and you decide to just go barefark.

Going to have to learn more python to figure out why @usercount and @PopulationCount are misbehaving.

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