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Thieves Are Boosting the Signal From Key Fobs Inside Homes To Steal Vehicles

Pro Office Calculator: a mysterious and addictive game disguised as a desktop calculator app #happymutants #55378008 #Games #Post

Today is definitely a searching for the marble in the oatmeal kind of day.

Don't live each day as if it were your last - live each day as curious and excited as if it were your first.

One issue I have with social media is the mistaken belief that everyone has the same experiences and will understand your toot as a result. Sometimes I read something that other folks find to be amusing, poignant, or evil and I just don't get it. Sometimes I ask... And yes, I get that it goes both ways... Anyone want to ask about one of my cryptic toots?

True facts I didn't even know Tumblr was still in operation 🤷

This is almost a Hanukkah 🕎 themed joke.

I like my potatoes like I like my passwords, hashed and salted.

@fuzzface Yeah fair. I can only hope that the people fleeing from Tumblr and coming here understand the whole "if you don't like it you can pick a different instance with rules more suited to you" ish

President George H.W. Bush's casket being delivered to the US Capitol. Today, Independence and 3rd Street SW, Washington, DC.

(Screen cap from VLC player)

dear new user:
please, dont let other people tell you how to post, you know better

☮️ 💙 :mastodon: :awoo:
If you are looking for a light-hearted totally enjoyable webcomic on Mastodon, I would suggest following @Chrishallbeck Pebble and Wren is definitely worth your time. It brightens my day whenever it pops up!

This cunning tree fungus almost tricked us into thinking it was a silly little marshmallow birb. #Photography

A bit of railroad history tied to the late President Bush, this locomotive will be carrying him to his final place of rest on Thursday.

There's nothing more secretly satisfying than adding ASCII art to a project you know will likely not be noticed, but will be used by a stupid number of people.

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