At a rest area on an uninteresting highway. In the middle of a field there is a sign... CONFINED SPACE.

OK, to be fair it is a warning about a manhole and the structure below, but the initial effect is hilarious.

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FFN & Opportunity Rover (webcomic):

from the comments:
"One personification talking to another. Which says more about the personifiers than anything else."

My attempt to prevent the graphs on @PopulationCount from going weird in case of data dropout resulted in...

(dramatic pause)

a data dropout.


I just spent all morning looking for this because I really think it describes how many people feel right now. The comedian is John Mulaney and this bit is from his Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City:

The App "Flashlight" needs access to your kidneys.

Grant permission?

[Yes] [Maybe Later]

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FLIGHT [OC]: Bluejay 4, you are ordered to close on the UFO. and attempt to force him to land. We want it brought down or at least disabled until the other planes arrive.

CHRISTOPHER [OC]: Acknowledged. Closing on target.

SPOCK: Positive identification, Captain. Aircraft is an interceptor, equipped with missiles, possibly armed with nuclear warheads. If he hits us with one, he might damage us severely, perhaps beyond our capacity to repair under current circumstances.

-- Tomorrow is Yesterday, STTOS

@rainwarrior The episode was a backdoor pilot for a series that wasn't picked up (see and As for time travel, you can see the first/accidental event in the episode "The Naked Time". As for the cat... well, you will find out...

The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was “My battery is low and it is getting dark.”

To quote Craig Ferguson, "It's a great day in America." Yes, it is a sad day... but still a great day...

Thank you Oppy! Great work!

To quote Fark, it sure is dusty in here...

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