At the Target in SF I considered parking in one open spot but then in the last second decided to park across in a more sunny spot.

When I came back out of the store, a car next to the open spot I had originally considered was on fire with fire fighters all around it in action.

I guess it's my lucky day.

@mdszy If perl doesn't work, I'm dropping the awk bomb. ☢️ ☢️ ☢️

It appears I cannot use feed2toot to do a really kick-ass xkcd bot. So, need to consider the difficulty of Plan B.

@lipsticksocialist I'm sending my usual reply to this... I'm not... I'm not...

Coffee is a helluva drug

(No self control)

@gudenau It could have been a system name, which is why I asked. Linux system?

@Kokichiouma I would suggest logging into the website and editing the user pic in your profile. I'm not familiar with the app you are using, so no idea if you can do it through the app. Welcome.

@adelheid Win7 my guess it is bit rot, or I finally managed to tweak something that screwed it up.

Tired of my work computer having problems booting and shutting down. This system needs a reimage bad.

Opinion: The construct of to point out content on that system is probably confusing to new users. It implies a connection between Birdland :twitter: and Mastodon :mastodon: that doesn't exist and shouldn't exist.

Probably going to put together two new bots soon, assuming they don't already exist.

1) xkcd feed
2) Send a weather station code, get the current weather conditions

2 will be the first one I have written that will take input.

Setting up a MacBook Pro for new hire. MS Office apps go in the dock alphabetically!


@cj @deletionism One way to get more colliders built, convince the military that there is a gap. 🤣

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