virus, "doctors" 

i heard if we sacrifice "doctor" oz and "doctor" phil the virus might leave us alone

Drugs & Wires is coming back! Here's the cover of our upcoming chapter :D
There's still time to catch up!

@stickman I don't like the sound of my own voice, but I've been told I have a great voice. So, give it a shot!

Serious tech question: Are your teleconferencing and VPN systems overloaded?

I don't know what ACNH is, but I suspect it is a Schedule 1 drug.

reaching dangerous duct tape levels

(91%) ■■■■■■■■■□

food hot take, no-mdszy-zone 

if you boil your hotdogs you are a horrible person

I'll be doing my radio show tonight at 8PM US/Eastern. Details can be found at New listeners very welcome! :partyparrot:

PSA for anyone applying for jobs: Job descriptions at many organizations are written by a deeply bureaucratic process, which can both inject false criteria that HR or a random department head like, and erase things that the actual hiring manager/team thinks are really important for the actual hire.

Applicants vary in their ability to read between the lines, so here I am reading between the lines of what they've sent, to guess if they can do what we didn't ask them to tell us about. Blehhhh.

In 5 minutes, m.t will be rebooting to apply some critical software patches. Thanks for your patience.

TIL that running toots in other languages through Google Translate reveals moderator-worthy toots 😥

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