President George H.W. Bush's casket being delivered to the US Capitol. Today, Independence and 3rd Street SW, Washington, DC.

(Screen cap from VLC player)

Dumb photographers and subjects beyond the no trespassing signs at Harper's Ferry AMTRAK. This is why photographers get a bad rap, and how people get hurt.

(STILL NOT OFFICIAL) Today's Temporary Flight Restrictions due to the Hurricane. For official information, consult the FAA NOTAMs.

Totally unofficial map of Temporary Flight Restrictions currently in place after the Hurricane. See FAA NOTAMs for official information.

A screen capture from CNN this morning. I found the picture to have a much deeper meaning for me than just "this is a trashed sign due to a storm". This picture was taken by Jonathan Bachman of Reuters, who you can learn a bit more about at

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Best theme for Windows... ever... Show more

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Houseboat, a Florence picture by AP/Steve Helber. Borrowed from

Flight of NOAA 49 (The Great Gonzo) over Hurricane Florence, 2319 Zulu/UTC on September 12.

Picture from

A display for one of my favorite Bond villains. Seen at the International Spy Museum, Washington, DC.

Tonight's game of 1846, final positions. Been a while since I did this, it was fun.

I took the nifty diagram @Luca is working on and added a (crude) caption for the folks on

Yes, I'm not a graphic artist.

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