Photo opportunity: The DEERING private rail car will be travelling with Amtrak 90 (Northbound) on 3/31 between Savannah and DC, with AMTRAK 89 (Southbound) on 4/3 DC to Savannah.

Interesting Tavern Brawl in , I think the player wanted to see how much he could pump up the Void. In the end they were nice enough to concede the game to me because I played along. Had me dead to rights several turns ago...

If you play, drop me a toot and we can swap IDs.

How is merging all that customer data working for you Goog?

This is a screen shot of Google Earth Pro centered on New Jersey Avenue South East at Virginia Ave SE in Washington, DC, USA. The neighborhood picture that Google matches this with was taken in the state of New Jersey and shows the skyline of New York City. 🤣

Interesting feature of @SubwayTooter: Use downloaded fonts instead of the Android system fonts. Nifty!

I'm not a huge football fan, but I am very proud to wear these colors.

President George H.W. Bush's casket being delivered to the US Capitol. Today, Independence and 3rd Street SW, Washington, DC.

(Screen cap from VLC player)

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