OK, my first attempt at writing a short article on Mastodon.


Let me know what you think, this is a working draft at best. social.isurf.ca is part of the Fediverse, but I'm still trying to understand how the interactions work.


For example, I have figured out that if I used the address @fuzzface that it should show up "over there".

☮️ 💙 :mastodon: :awoo:

Or @fuzzface from here should show up on Mastodon.

Perhaps I should go back to AOL Instant Messenger 101 LOL!

@fuzzface @fuzzface I found this when I was trying to @ you and then I remembered this post and didn't realize, at the time, it was form another place. But it looks like social.isurf.ca allows more than 500 characters so not as much of a microblog? And then I tried to connect with your account there and got an error. Sadly, AIM no longer exists. I hear some third party is trying to resurrect it, though.

@adelheid @fuzzface Yup. It is an experiment. I don't completely understand Friendica and I'm not convinced the federation is working properly.

I miss the days when AIM (AOL) had some open source client work going on, that was a fun period in my life. it all fell apart during the opening salvos of the IM wars. Competing IM products started using the open source as a path into the AIM servers and the project tanked when AOL pulled support for it.

@fuzzface @fuzzface Also, for some reason, I was unalbe to add your other account. I kept getting errors indicating it couldn't find my account on Mastodon.technology.

Just wanted to mention that the federation items should be pretty stable, but we're going through release candidate code here currently and so lots of items are being actively worked on and pushed live. If you have issues that you're noticing, please do drop by @helpers or @support so we can check in to things.

@kinetix @helpers @fuzzface Adam, many thanks for your response. I'm not sure if I made it clear, but it could also be user error on my part. If I come up with a technical problem, I'll be happy to let you know. Right now I'm still in "figure it out mode."

Howdy! Yes, social.isurf.ca is a Friendica node and it doesn't have the microblogging restrictions.
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