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The RELAY network on BITNET was the inspiration for IRC. Nodes were known by their address (RELAY@BITNIC) and a nickname, traditionally a location (New_York). One exception was the node nicknamed "TwiliteZne", based at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. Rumor has it that the chief student operator (me) picked that because no one knew where the heck Potsdam was. See for a partial node list and a few tidbits of ancient network history.

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I'm in Chapter 1 of this book. That was when my hair wasn't Grey.

"Underground" by Suelette Dreyfus, with research by Julian Assange

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Everyone has a monster inside of us. Everyone has an Angel too. It is about who you are going to be. -- Lisa Joy, Director of S2E4 of

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Networking/Religion Humor 

Various religions were concerned about adopting TCP because every transaction began with two SYNs.

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My hobby is writing stuff in awk and bash that should not be written in either.

virus, "doctors" 

i heard if we sacrifice "doctor" oz and "doctor" phil the virus might leave us alone

Drugs & Wires is coming back! Here's the cover of our upcoming chapter :D
There's still time to catch up!

Serious tech question: Are your teleconferencing and VPN systems overloaded?

I don't know what ACNH is, but I suspect it is a Schedule 1 drug.

reaching dangerous duct tape levels

(91%) ■■■■■■■■■□

food hot take, no-mdszy-zone 

if you boil your hotdogs you are a horrible person

I'll be doing my radio show tonight at 8PM US/Eastern. Details can be found at New listeners very welcome! :partyparrot:

PSA for anyone applying for jobs: Job descriptions at many organizations are written by a deeply bureaucratic process, which can both inject false criteria that HR or a random department head like, and erase things that the actual hiring manager/team thinks are really important for the actual hire.

Applicants vary in their ability to read between the lines, so here I am reading between the lines of what they've sent, to guess if they can do what we didn't ask them to tell us about. Blehhhh.

In 5 minutes, m.t will be rebooting to apply some critical software patches. Thanks for your patience.

TIL that running toots in other languages through Google Translate reveals moderator-worthy toots 😥

I'll be doing my radio show tonight at 8PM US/Eastern. Details can be found at New listeners very welcome! :partyparrot:

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