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Everyone has a monster inside of us. Everyone has an Angel too. It is about who you are going to be. -- Lisa Joy, Director of S2E4 of

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My hobby is writing stuff in awk and bash that should not be written in either.

@ashfurrow is a fabulous instance administrator. Thank you for keeping us rolling. :mastodon: :110:

Folks we did it! 10k users on mastodon.technology 🎉

I, for one, welcome our new 8-bit overlords.

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“What Chance Do We Have? The Question Is 'What Choice'.” - Jyn Erso

the existence of mastodon implies the existence of an equal-and-opposite, wastodon

I set my preferences to only show me local and federated posts in English, and I'm still seeing a flood of languages I don't understand. Is anyone else having the same issue, or found a solution?

I wish I could rapidly order a small potato snack via Mastodon so I could get Two Tots by Tooting, Tout Suite

I probably should write an introduction at some point.

Seriously. Sign up here:


Not only does your $ fund one of the largest instances and the default port of entry for refugees from the bad place - your money also funds development. So even if your instance is elsewhere - it is worth funding

At the moment it’s gettign < $50K per year funding. That’s peanuts.

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On the influx of newcomers to Mastodon... Welcome. Strap yourselves in, it is going to be a wild ride!

Meanwhile, on another instance, someone is tooting the entire Communist Manifesto.

Home timelines should be all caught up now. Our traffic is averaging 400 req/s with occasional spikes to 1,200 req/s.

There are 23k active users on mastodon.social right now (8.7k arrived this week). Registrations are closed but invite links work. You can create an invite link from "Invite people" link or preferences page.

I have added 2 mods to the team (awaiting response from 3rd candidate), reports are being processed. Nazis can get fucked.

So, is it fair to say that the big difference between two instances (assuming the same Acceptable Use Policy and Performance) is the contents of the Local Timeline?

@ashfurrow At the moment, we are picking up one user for every 3.43 on Masto.Social. 🤣

I was just Jedi Mind Tricked by @adelheid, in case you were wondering how my day is going. 🤣

Population Counter is getting there...