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The RELAY network on BITNET was the inspiration for IRC. Nodes were known by their address (RELAY@BITNIC) and a nickname, traditionally a location (New_York). One exception was the node nicknamed "TwiliteZne", based at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. Rumor has it that the chief student operator (me) picked that because no one knew where the heck Potsdam was. See for a partial node list and a few tidbits of ancient network history.

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I'm in Chapter 1 of this book. That was when my hair wasn't Grey.

"Underground" by Suelette Dreyfus, with research by Julian Assange

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Everyone has a monster inside of us. Everyone has an Angel too. It is about who you are going to be. -- Lisa Joy, Director of S2E4 of

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My hobby is writing stuff in awk and bash that should not be written in either.

Something about the new @SlackHQ logo makes me feel like I need to wash my hands after touching it.

Slashdot headline: "New Satellite Network Will Make It Impossible For a Commercial Airplane To Vanish"

Incorrect. If the transponder is turned off on the aircraft, the new system cannot track it. Having said that, it will definitely improve aircraft monitoring in areas where RADAR is not available.

How is merging all that customer data working for you Goog?

This is a screen shot of Google Earth Pro centered on New Jersey Avenue South East at Virginia Ave SE in Washington, DC, USA. The neighborhood picture that Google matches this with was taken in the state of New Jersey and shows the skyline of New York City. 🤣

Because it amused me, I created a Lin-Manuel Miranda bot at to feed the twitter posts of Lin-Manuel Miranda. If you're interested follow. @Lin_Manuel_Bot.

Anyone wanna come over tonight? I have 300 hamburgers and many, many french fries and piles of sauce packets in silver dishes.

What Mastodon.Technology needs is a list of required films so we can understand each other's comments!

I'll start... Real Genius (1985)

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From the empty, shutdown IRS, automated processes are sending out property seizure notices, and no human can stop them #ghostship #shutdown #kafka #Post #irs #usg

This is exactly why I was talking about needing a guide for dealing with psychopaths. A minority of individuals should not have the ability to ruin things for the community (psychopath or not).
Announcement: We write this with tears in our eyes, this year 2019 will be our last year having a DerbyCon.

Thank you all for the continued support, it was just time for us to end on a high-note.

Full message from t…

Friendly reminder: Get your affairs in order. You will die. People will have to dig through the ephemera of your life. The accounts, the debts, the trash under the sink, the awkward and sometimes hidden relationships. All of it. Digital and otherwise.

“On a long enough time line, everyone’s survival rate drops to zero.”

“No one here gets out alive.”

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