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@trevdev Let's hope that triggers a nice strong placebo effect for you! πŸ‘

@Elizafox Haven't touched either for years. Iirc, 389 was the nicer of the two. I'm not creating the restrictions, they are simply what we have right now. I'd be delighted to have a world where everyone works towards the common good, I just don't see how we can get there, and you are not really giving any concrete steps to take. What is the first step we can take? I'm not suggesting anything. I'm asking you for your vision of how, given the reality of the current society, you would see it working? Ideally, yes. In the real world, where people are motivated by money, how would you propose the housing is constructed and maintained?

Periodic reminder Realistically, without rental accommodation, where would people who cannot afford to buy a house/apartment live? Nope, because Atom is open source. If they relicense it, I'll use the open source fork that appears.

@benjbrandall I've converted one, so far. Didn't go via Telegram first, though. πŸ˜…

TFW you get all the way to the training venue before you realise that you didn't bring clothes to exercise in..

@sina @inmysocks Even at handfuls of servers and tens of services, it makes sense. But for personal stuff... Probably not.

@sina Or in a nice company that uses this technology. Why so cynical?

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