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My Health Record 'identical' to failed UK scheme, privacy expert says. was cancelled because drug and insurance companies were able to buy patient data

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« A young black father was listening to music in his own garage.

A white woman called the cops because the music was "too loud."

Cops showed up and killed him.

The jury awarded the family $4.

Yes, $4. »

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programming language musings 

@jamey I've used Koa and quite liked it. It's a modern successor to Express. 👍 新しいエピソードを待っている。😅

programming language musings 

@jamey then, maybe js, so you can do both front end and backend in the same language..? テラスハウスを見ますか?

baby, birth 

@inmysocks better get used to it.. pretty soon those kids will be in university..

@newsstream growth of what? Population? Number of mobile devices per capita? GDP? Interest rates?

Did I miss the units? sounds like a good idea! I've seen some, of native English speakers, that's completely incomprehensible.. a stream of gibberish.. 🤪🤣

@hellpie but in the USA, it still can't buy itself a beer

@acw do you read implied sarcasm in the trailing dots? Hehehe, sorry for that, then! 🤭

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