I would not want to be in #AZ right now. It is 93F in Mesa (Phoenix area) at 07:30.

@lnxw48a1 That's only 34°C.. what's the humidity level?

@frode Humidity: 7%; Wind: NE, 13 MPH; cloud cover: 6/10 (60%); Dew point: 23F; Maximum temperature: 104F; Minimum temperature: 76F.

#NOAA / #NWS issuing excessive heat warnings for most of lower-elevation Arizona and Southeast California, advising people to dress appropriately, seek cool places, and stay hydrated.

@lnxw48a1 That's warm, but a dry heat is more bearable than a humid one. Enjoy, and stay hydrated. 💧

@frode I'm currently in Puerto Rico, where it is more humid than I'm used to. While it is currently 102F (9% humidity) in the Phoenix #AZ area where my favorite grandson used to live and 81F (18% humidity) in my #SoCal hometown, it is 80F (73% humidity) in San Juan #PR.
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